Barry Mott

City Engineer Barry Mott speaks to the Enterprise Rotary Club.

Enterprise City Engineer and Public Works Director Barry Mott appeared at the June 1 Enterprise Rotary Club meeting to discuss the plans the city has for upcoming capital projects.

Mott said that the city will be using two sets of bonds to complete a number of capital projects in the coming years, which includes an attempt to get a number of poor roads in Enterprise up to snuff.

“The city is going to be very aggressive taking on capital improvements and projects over the next few years and that’s actually one of the reasons I decided to come here,” Mott said.

The first set of bonds will be the refinancing of current bonds, which is going to give the city $21 million for capital improvements with $16 million of that going to repairing the poor roads in the city. Mott said that as an average Enterprise received a 49 percent – which is rated as poor – overall from the Pavement Condition Index (PCI).

Mott said that the goal with these repairs is to get the city’s PCI average up to over 70 percent but emphasized that it doesn’t mean that every poor road will be repaired yet.

“It’s going to take several years to get caught up with those repairs,” he said.

Also, from that pot of money city hall will be renovated with some rooms repurposed, a new HVAC system and a new roof.

Also, the city is going to be rehabbing and installing new sidewalks around town. The city recently received a grant to put in a new sidewalk on Daleville Avenue and will be spending $150,000 to repair sidewalks in downtown Enterprise.

Also, the city will be refurbishing the empty lot behind the old Yancey Parker’s building and turning it into a large parking lot for downtown Enterprise.

That money will also include engineering costs for the new roundabout at the intersection of Highway 27 and Shell Field Road. The state will be covering all the construction costs. Mott said that he and others in the city are aware of residents’ concerns but thinks that in the end people will be satisfied from the results the roundabout gets.

“My mother lives in rural Mississippi and they had a main four-lane highway with logging trucks and gravel trucks where they put in a roundabout and my mother freaked out about it,” Mott recalled. “They had a lot of accidents and fatalities there (before the roundabout) and what they found out was that they have had zero incidents where they put that roundabout in.

“Give it a chance and don’t be fearful of it. Not all change is bad and I think everyone will be happy with it.”

The second pot of money for the capital projects will come from new bonds, which Mott said the city expects to be approved later this month. This pot of money is going to include the city’s commitment to the new veteran’s home as well as a new rec center and large soccer complex.

Mott said that the rec center is still in the planning stage but said that there would be at least one – and possibly two – swimming pools.

The city is also currently negotiating the use of land owned by Enterprise State Community College for the soccer complex. Mott said that if that agreement is reached then six new soccer fields would be constructed at Peavy Park and two more on adjacent land owned by ESCC. The fields at Peavy Park would be connected to the other fields with walking trails.

Mott also discussed the improvements already made by the city and the way the city continues to grow. He said that currently four new subdivisions are in development with seven new phases at existing subdivisions. Also, 441 single-dwelling homes are either in construction or awaiting approval.

Mott also discussed the improvements that have been made at the city’s airport along with future improvements. The city recently built a new terminal building, built a new concrete ramp in front of the building and installed a new fuel system. Mott said that there is also discussion of turning the old terminal building into a flight school and there are plans to extend the current 5,100-foot runaway to 6,000 feet.

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