Calling it a “total team effort,” Ozark Mayor Mark Blankenship and Dale County Commission Chairman Steve McKinnon announced that the Brittanie’s Thyme company is moving to Ozark.

At a press conference held July 7 at Ozark City Hall it was announced that the family owned organic skincare company will relocate to the old Van Heusen Company facility on West Roy Parker Road in Ozark.

“This is a great company, a family owned business,” Blankenship said. “This has been a team effort with a team consisting of our staff at the city—who have worked very, very hard—the Ozark City Council, the Dale County Commission, the Ozark Dale County Economic Development Board of Directors and ODCEDC President Holle Smith.

“It’s taken the entire team to put this together and make this happen,” Blankenship said, adding a special thank you to John Watson and Brian Sheffield for the donation of the 105,484 square foot facility to the city. “They donated the building to the city of Ozark at the end of last year and that put us at such an advantage to recruit business and industry into our city. We wouldn’t be here today without them.”

Blankenship said that when he met Brittanie’s Thyme President Brent Holmes he told him that he would not find “a greater community to move to and you won’t find an organization that will work harder to get you here.

“And I think (Brent Holmes) will tell you today that both of those things are true,” he added. “We worked really hard on this project and today the Ozark Dale County Economic Development Corporation, the Dale County Commission and the City of Ozark are here to announce the relocating of Brittanie’s Thyme from Union Springs in Alabama and Cedar Springs in Michigan to Ozark.”

At the June 8 Dale County Commission meeting, the commission unanimously approved a request from the Ozark-Dale County Economic Development Corporation for $298,000, from the county’s Lodging Tax fund to be earmarked for the repairs to the former Van Heusen building. That funding, combined with a contribution from the city of Ozark, will be used to renovate and restore the building that has remained empty for 15 years.

“This project has been worked for a long time,” said Dale County Commission Chairman Steve McKinnon, welcoming Holmes and the Britanie’s Thyme family at the news conference July 7. “I’m glad to see you here and I believe you are going to find a welcome home here in the city of Ozark,” he said, adding words of appreciation for the Dale County Commissioners. “I depend on them to make good decisions and we had a unanimous vote to support your organization,” he told Holmes. “We look forward to the growth and prosperity that it brings our county.”

Smith echoed McKinnon’s remarks. “I think all of Ozark is thrilled to have you here and have something of value in that building that is going to impact our economy in such a great way,” the economic developer said. “I hope that you find that we are a very inviting community and we’re happy to have your whole family here getting involved.

“I want you to know that economic development doesn’t stop with getting you here,” she added. “We are here to be a resource to assist you and help you as you grow and expand. We know that your goal is to have 50 jobs in three years and we hope that you exceed that and we’re going to help you do it.”

Flanked by family members, Holmes thanked the city and county for their efforts in making the move possible. “It’s a long way from Michigan to Ozark and I’m glad to be here,” he said. “From the time we’ve spent here my family and I are looking forward to being part of this community.”

Holmes said that Brittanie’s Thyme is family owned and operated and a USDA-certified organic company dedicated to manufacturing luxury organic personal care items. The company does not test any products on animals.

After the renovations to the 105,484 square feet building are complete the company will begin operations in Ozark.

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