Jeremiah Moore

Jeremiah Moore and the Daleville Warhawks will head to Cottonwood and Ozark for more OTAs next week.

The Daleville High School football team turned a negative into a positive last week when a planned organized team activity with Zion Chapel was cancelled.

The two teams were scheduled for their second OTA against one another in the past two weeks but Zion Chapel was unable to make the trip to Daleville, so the Warhawks decided they would continue to compete against one another. Head coach Will Garner split his team up into two groups and treated like any other OTA would be treated.

“Things went really well,” Garner said. “I was nervous when Zion Chapel wasn’t able to come that our guys would just kind of sleepwalk through it just based on the disappointment of not having another team here, but guys got after each other.

“The things that we needed to correct from the previous week, you could see on film that we got better at those things, which was nice. The points of emphasis we put on leading up to it were cleaned up and were better.”

Garner said the Warhawks aren’t where they want to be just yet but the continued work ethic from his team is getting the team closer to that point each week.

“We still aren’t all the way where we want to be but we’re getting better and we’re working hard,” Garner said. “Thursday was another really big day for us with those live reps. We split the team up and we did best-on-best as much as we could, which really helped out, too.

“There was no ‘I’ll take it easy on you, you take it easy on me’ out there. We got after each other pretty good and it was another good day in the right direction for us.”

Garner said he hopes those good days will continue to pile on top of each other leading into the fall.

“The work ethic and the kids showing up and everything you want is there,” he said. “This young group is starting to turn the page on learning how things are supposed to be done.

“We have another week of work and OTAs coming up and then we’ll roll right into fall camp and I think we’re rolling in that right direction. We have to keep building good days on top of good days to get us right for the fall.”

Daleville will travel to Cottonwood on July 28 for another OTA before heading over to Ozark for a four-way OTA with Carroll, Brantley and GW Long on July 29.

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