Scale Back Alabama

The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to commit or re-commit to a healthier lifestyle and develop positive habits along the way. Scale Back Alabama, the state’s largest wellness program, has extended the start date to Monday, April 5 with some new and exciting changes. The extended date it to accommodate a bigger and better participant experience.

This year, Scale Back Alabama will be an entirely virtual program. Participants will register online and choose one to three goals to work on throughout the 10-week program. Each week, participants will receive a challenge and a health tip that will encourage them to reach their goal(s). Weight loss is now optional, and participants will select their own wellness goals.

It is easy to register an individual participant. Two-person teams are no longer required. Visit Registration closes on Feb. 28.

To get started, participants will answer a few questions that will help them choose the best goals for them. By April 5, participants will receive an email from Scale Back Alabama with instructions on how to access their personalized user dashboard and set wellness goals for the program. 

Public weigh-in sites are no longer available. Some workplaces or organizations may host private sites if they can do so safely. Weigh-ins and outs are no longer required to participate in the program. 

All prizes will be on an individual basis; there will be no team prizes. All prizes will be in the form of an Amazon e-gift card.

At the end of each week, participants will indicate on their user dashboard if they did or did not complete that week’s challenge. Participants that did complete the challenge on any given week will be entered into a drawing for that week’s prize. 

Each week, participants will indicate on their user dashboard if they did or did not meet their pre-set goal(s) that week. For every week that participants meet at least one of their goals, their name will go into a prize drawing to be held at the end of the program.

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