Ozark vet charged with cruelty to animals

An investigation into allegations of animal abuse that surfaced on social media April 5 has resulted in two charges of cruelty to animals against the veterinarian.

Richard Timothy Logan, 65, was arrested April 8, Ozark Police Chief Marlos Walker said April 9.

The investigation by law enforcement authorities on a state and local level was initiated after a one minute, five second video clip of a white man with gray hair and a cat on a medical examination table went viral on Facebook April 5.

Walker said the video had apparently been made in November 2020. “Investigators located the cat owner and conducted a formal interview to obtain more facts,” Walker said. “Investigators also located other witnesses who would have knowledge of this event and conducted interviews to get their accounts of this event.”

Walker said that because the event occurred within the city limits of Ozark, Ozark Municipal Court has jurisdiction over the matter. “All evidence, to include video and witness statements, were turned over to the Ozark Municipal Court for further review,” he said.

“During the course of this investigation, investigators determined that some information put out on social media was not totally accurate,” Walker said.

He said that both the victim and law enforcement want the public to be aware that the cat is alive and with its owner and that the pictures displayed on social media occurred on an undetermined date prior to the video made in 2020.

Walker said that he has also received confirmation that the Alabama State Board of Veterinary Medicine will conduct an independent administrative investigation and that the case is still under investigation by the Ozark Police Department.

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