Betty Peters is 'strong voice' against Common Core

Betty Peters

That Betty Peters has nothing good to say about Common Core standards is not a secret. The Alabama School Board District 2 member was clear in her opinion when she addressed members of the Coffee County Republican Women Oct. 21.

Common Core, a set of standards developed by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers, has been a topic of controversy since November 2010 when the Alabama state school board voted 7-2 to align the state course of study for reading and math with Common Core standards.

Peters voted against Common Core and said she would continue the fight against it.

While Common Core was designed to help students meet English and math grade level standards to prepare for college, Peters said it is not working and that the problems extend well beyond just the curriculum.

Peters said the standards were a federal intrusion into states’ rights to set their own education standards. Peters said although the standards were set by the states, funding initiatives by the federal government made them a de facto “federal takeover” of education.

“I understand Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi are the three Southern states targeted by the radical, left, homosexualists to change our students’ perspective,” Peters said. “We have gone past gay, lesbian and bi-sexual and we’re now into gender fluid spectrum.”

Peters said the Southern Poverty Law Center is among the groups filtering informational texts involving sexuality and sexual orientation into the curriculum. They argue that the information is vital for diversity and tolerance, Peters said, adding that in her opinion it is raising even bigger concerns.

“The Southern Poverty Law Center is going to be developing your children or grandchild or neighbors’ children into little social activists for social justice, as they define it, or else transgender stuff,” Peters said, as she distributed a coloring book sheet with pictures of a variety of clothing items.

“This is part of teaching tolerance for transgenderism to four to eight year olds,” Peters said. “The students are given color crayons and two handouts. They students are supposed to color the photos of the clothes they want to wear.

“You will notice these are called outfits,” Peters said. “I have never asked my son or my husband what ‘outfit’ they are going to wear. This is just crazy. I think all this stuff is mainly written by whacky feminists.

“When you start complaining about this, the first thing you are going to hear is ‘that’s not part of Common Core,’” Peters said. “No, it’s not but it is aligned with it and it is allowed to be part of Common Core because it is informational text and teaching tolerance.”

Peters also distributed a handout with a Common Core math problem on it. “It’s one example of what I call stupid ways to do math,” Peters said. “It’s called counting up. They are not teaching the way we learned and golly, we did pretty well with our old math. We got to the moon, done a lot of medical research, making movies, all sorts of stuff.

“I’ve tried to get it changed and I will continue to try to get it changed because this is something that the parents cannot help their child with,” Peters said. “I didn’t vote for it but the state school board majority voted to have the Common Core with informational text included. You can get all sorts of mess with informational text.

“As I said when I first campaigned and I’ve said it every time since, we need to get back to the basics: Reading, writing and arithmetic from first grade on,” Peters said. “We need to be teaching the ‘c’ part which is Christian values, not Muslim values, not transgender values. We need to be teaching the old Biblical values.

“I’m sorry the Common Core happened under my watch. A lot of this is not a part of the Common Core but the Common Core allows it,” Peters said. “It’s time for Americans to stand up for this infringement of parental rights. They give us PowerPoint (presentations) with charts to make everything look credible but the assignments for these children from the Southern Poverty Law Center are just so stupid.

“Our nation has gone to Gomorrah and it’s up to us to turn it around,” she said referring to one of two ancient cities near the Dead Sea that were cited in the Bible as being destroyed by God as a punishment for the wickedness of their inhabitants. “There are enough voters out there who think like we do and we have just got to take our children back.

“Stand up. Don't be afraid of upsetting the school. The schools cannot exist without students. It’s your responsibility to shield your child and preserve his or her innocence as long as you can,” Peters said. “They’re growing up way too fast and it’s not good.”

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This woman's ignorance proves that the state of education in Alabama is as dismal as it gets. Stupid spoke like her need to find a group -- in the instance gay American citizens -- to blame on the States problems. She is an appalling human being.


She is wise to oppose Common Core and she is certainly free in America to share ideas on how to protect our children. For comparison, the Texas model of a Stealth Common Core or the STAAR is a core threat to our Students, Teachers, Districts and Taxpayers. In brief, STAAR and Common Core share the clinical signs of embedded Academic Suicide Coding for our students and surrenders education control to corporate filth and lobby groups---not to forget the corporate filth of GM (mass death/trauma in order to conceal defects and maximize profits---ditto fraud for Volkswagen,etc.). Examplet: STAAR 2014 & 2015 test models for 8th grade Social Studies indicate wildly excessive text complexity (Readability levels of grade 18, etc---for an 8th grade test????). TEA admits it that it does not comply with readability standards for Social Studies and other tests---and in the same sweep indicates it only has to comply with readability for the READING STAAR. Says it dumps the test review on Social Studies to a committee, but so far continues to hide review committee information from disclosure. Please do you best to help the Students, Teachers, Districts and Taxpayers in Texas to correct the STAAR and reduce the mass testing frenzy.

Amor DeCosmos

Hey Alabama, you know you're ranked at 47 out of 50 in the State Rankings for Math and Science Education, right? You know how in movies, people from Alabama are usually portrayed as ignorant hicks, right? I am sorry, but this Betty Peters is not helping your state one bit. Her theocratic way of governance based on her supernatural and occult beliefs is not going to help bring your state into the twenty first century... If you are from Alabama and you care about your children's education, then you have to speak up loudly against people like this who make their decisions based on superstitious nonsense.

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