Coffee County

At the Sept. 13 Coffee County Commission meeting the commission passed the budget for fiscal year 2022 for Coffee County.

The total budget for the county will be $25,221,996.16 with $10,12,867.66 budgeted in the general fund. Additionally, $335,039 is budgeted for the county’s senior centers, $1,067,064.50 for debt service, $3,373,300 for the highway department and $636,000 for the engineering department.

The county has budgeted $649,700 for the resurfacing, restoration and rehabilitation (RRR) projects for county roads; $4,129,170 for the landfill and $2,752,325 for roll off and $1,004,230 for solid waste. Finally, $783,940 was budgeted for mapping and appraisal and $328,360 for environmental services.

The county also unanimously approved the allocation of up to $400,000 for the purchase and equipping of a new ambulance for Enterprise Rescue.

“On behalf of Coffee County E-911 and the citizens of Coffee County I would like to thank each and every one of you,” E-911 Chairman Dean Blair said to the commission. “A lot of times the general public doesn’t realize the number of calls and lengths that they have to travel, especially right now.

“Last week there was an Enterprise Rescue ambulance in Nashville, Tenn., at Vanderbilt Hospital. That is a long way and a lot of miles being put on ambulances. This is definitely a big step in helping them as they also continue to try and recover from this COVID thing with all the wear and tear on their vehicles. We are very blessed to have a critical care ambulance service in Coffee County, which is something that not a lot of places have.”

The commission also approved the waiver of the venue fee for the Coffee County Farm Center for an event New Home Baptist Church is planning. The commission also approved a proposed subdivision off Alabama Highway 134. The subdivision will be 19 lots and will be called Cross Creek Hills.

The next commission meeting will be held at 9 a.m. at the office complex in New Brockton on Sept. 27.

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