South Alabama Liberty’s Clint Grantham requested use of the Coffee County Farm Center for a “free speech rally.”

The Coffee County Commission at its March 8 meeting approved the use – and waived the use fee – of the Coffee County Farm Center for use by a local conservative group in April.

Clint Grantham of South Alabama Liberty requested permission for the use of the facility and the waiver of the fee to use it at the meeting, which was unanimously approved by the commission.

“We are a conservative action group of local citizens from all over the Wiregrass,” Grantham said of South Alabama Liberty.

Grantham said the event would be a “free speech rally” held on April 10 with U.S. Congressmen Mo Brooks and Barry Moore set to speak at the events.

In other business, the commission also approved the adoption of a resolution to support a law that increases the base salary of the county probate judge, revenue commissioner and sheriff by $10,000 per year. These raises in base salary would not take effect until the next term of each of those elected positions. Commissioner Jim Thompson abstained from voting for the resolution. His sister-in-law is the current probate judge of Coffee County.

The commission also approved the purchase of a new bus for the New Hope Senior Citizen Center. County Administrator Rod Morgan estimated the cost of the new bus will either be $61,000 or $66,112, depending on which bus the county decides to purchase.

At a recent Enterprise City Council meeting the city approved a resolution to annex both sides of County Road 530 and at the March 8 County Commission meeting the commission approved a resolution to accept that annexation.

The commission also approved the plans for three different subdivision plats in the county. According to County Engineer Marty Lentz, all three are in compliance with the county’s subdivision regulations.

Bridlewood Manor 3 will be a major subdivision consisting of 20 residential lots on County Road 537. Approximately 17,000 feet of new streets will need to be constructed for the subdivision.

Brick Haven will be a minor subdivision with three residential lots on County Road 617. Longstraw will also be a minor subdivision with 15 lots on County Road 610.

The commission also approve the purchase of a 2009 motor grader at the cost of $125,000. To offset the cost of the purchase, the county will sell two 2004 motor graders. Lentz said he believes each of the current motor graders will sell for between $60,000 and $70,000.

According to County Environmental Services Director Mike Thornton, production has increased significantly at the county landfill and he expects the landfill to see a 35-50 percent increase of overall tonnage this year. As a result of the increased tonnage, the commission approved the purchase of a new D8T dozer with a waste handling package at the cost of $844,577 and three new sludge containers. Thornton said that the increase in tonnage will more than cover the cost of both purchases.

Coffee County Extension Coordinator Gavin Mauldin announced that the Extension Office would be holding a landscaping, tree and ornamental pruning workshop at the Coffee County Farm Center on March 23.

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Glad I know exactly where to steer clear from on April 10. Also, two problems with Mr. Grantham's assertions. 1. Yes, you're guaranteed freedom of speech, but you're not guaranteed freedom from the consequences of your speech.

2. Remember, a few years ago when conservative bakers threw hissy fits because they didn't want to bake rainbow cakes for lgbtq+ customers. Then, SCOTUS ruled private businesses are allowed to refuse service, and conservatives were so happy about that ruling. Guess what? FB and Twitter are private businesses and they're allowed to refuse service. Especially to people like Rep. Mo Brooks who encouraged a coup attempt. Guess the GQP isn't so happy about that ruling, now.

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