A chance encounter in an elevator led to love and family for Jade Adams and Quinton Blocker.

Jade and Quinton both attended Troy University in 2013. They had two different majors, but they lived in the same dorm building of Trojan Village.

Quinton said he noticed Jade leaving the dorm to go to classes in the mornings.

“I would see her walking out of the building, walking to class,” he said. “I was interested in her.”

One day, he and a friend happened to get on the same elevator as Jade, who was new to campus.

“I was with one of my friends; she was by herself,” he said. “It was kind of, like, that awkward silence for a little while.”

He eventually spoke to her, telling her that he wanted to get to know her; however, that would have to wait for a wardrobe change.

“I told her something along the lines of, ‘Hey. I’ve been seeing you around,’” he said. “’I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a while, but I’m not dressed appropriately enough right now. I’ll catch you around when I am, when I feel like I’m presentable.

“That won her over from the get-go,” he said with a smile. “(That earned) some brownie points for me.”

Jade said she was not interested in meeting a guy when she started at Troy. After their meeting, though, she said she spoke to her mom about the encounter.

“I remember going home and talking to my mom on the telephone,” she said. “I (said), ‘Mom, this guy came up to me, and he (said) that he wasn’t presentable enough to talk to me.’ I said, ‘Dang. I must be really cute for him to want to be presentable to talk to me.’ We laughed about it.”

About a week later, the two met again in Hawkins Hall on Troy’s campus, where she was waiting on a friend and he was going to class.

“I had forgotten about that whole situation, so maybe a week or two later, we were in Hawkins Hall (on campus),” she said. “I had a class in Hawkins Hall. I was waiting on one of my friends to get out of her class so we could go to the cafeteria and eat, and he walked in. He went to his class.”

She said he left his class and saw her. He then asked her about her plans for the day. After learning that she planned to eat lunch with her friend, she said he went home and changed to join them in the cafeteria.

“He went home and changed clothes,” she said. “He changed... to go to the cafeteria and eat lunch with me.

“We went to the cafeteria. I remember dropping some mustard on my shirt, and he picked up a paper towel and (said), ‘I’ll get that for you.’ Then, I dropped a napkin, and he (said), ‘I’ll pick that up for you.’”

After their lunch, the two exchanged numbers. The pair have been together since.

When he planned to propose, Quinton said he knew it would be hard to surprise Jade.

“You can’t get anything past her,” he said with a laugh. “She wants to be in on everything.”

Still, he wanted to surprise her. First, he said, he wanted her mother’s blessing. Her father is deceased.

“I’m big on tradition, and I felt like the right thing to do would be to ask her mom for her blessings for me to marry her.”

The day he asked her mother for her blessing, he said he and Jade happened to drive two different vehicles to her mother’s house.

“I hopped out (of the vehicle) really quick, and her mom was standing outside waiting,” he said. “I (said), ‘I’ve been thinking, and if you don’t mind, I would like to get your permission, your blessing, to marry Jade. I want to propose to her.”

He said she gave her blessing moments before Jade reached her mother’s house.

He planned to propose at their son’s first birthday party so that both families could be there.

On the day of his son’s party, he was late getting the last minute details of the proposal ready.

“At the start of the day, I was stressed, trying to get everything ready for Chance’s birthday on time,” Jade said. “I’m a stickler for being on time.”

She said his mother, Connie Jackson, and his sister, Kahla Jackson, arrived first. She said they tried to keep her calm before he arrived. When he arrived, the couple helped their son open his presents and cards.

“So, we got through the whole birthday and started to open gifts,” she said. “I was reading Chance’s card, and I was thinking it was a card to Chance from Quinton, so I was reading it to Chance. I got halfway through the card, and I (said), ‘This is from you (Chance).’ So, I kept reading it, and I think the end said, ‘Let’s make this official’ or something like that.”

“When it came time to open up gifts, I had this card with a long paragraph written out, expressing my feelings,” Quinton said. “She was reading it. By the time, she was finished reading it, I was down on one knee.

“She was surprised and all emotional,” he said. “Everybody was watching and recording it. Luckily, she said yes.”

Jade said she was completely surprised by the proposal.

“It was good to be surprised that day,” she said. “I had no clue.”

For the big day, Jade said her cousin Tawanna Thornton is serving as her wedding coordinator. She said she is also thankful for her mother (Cynthia Adams), grandmother (Freda Ward) and cousin’s (Sommer Warren) help in planning her wedding.

These three were also there when she found her wedding dress.

“We’re very close to each other, so I wanted them to be there when I got my dress,” she said. “My grandmother wanted me to get a Cinderella-style dress.”

She said she didn’t think she would want to have a wedding dress like that.

“So, we went to Ozark to ‘The Little White Dress Shop,’ and the first dress I saw was a big, huge, poufy Cinderella dress,” she said.

She said she tried the dress on for her grandmother.

“(It was) the first dress I tried on, and that’s the dress I got,” she said. “It was beautiful; it was amazing, and my grandmother was happy.”

The couple’s son will also be a part of the wedding. Chance will carry a sign down the aisle announcing Jade’s arrival. He will walk with the ring bearer, the couple’s nephew Keon Tubbs.

“As we’re saying our vows, we’ll both hold (Chance’s) hand and incorporate him in everything,” Jade said.

Quinton said he knew from the beginning that Jade was “different.” He described her as “focused” and “ambitious.”

“Initially, I knew she was different, different from pretty much every other girl I had talked to,” he said. “I knew I could see myself with her for the rest of my life. Then, we had a child.

“Once he was born, that just kind of influenced (the idea) even more,” he said.

Jade said she realized over time that the two were meant to be together.

“I won’t lie and say that I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with him when we first started dating,” she said. “As time moved on, a lot of things happened in our lives where we had to be there for each other, and I realized then he was going to be there for me no matter what.”

The couple will be married at the Enterprise Civic Center on March 3. Jade and Quinton both say they want to grow together and have a “successful marriage.”

“I just want us to have a successful marriage,” Jade said. “I know that every marriage will have issues and problems, but I just want it to be where we have a successful marriage, we’re able to raise Chance according to God’s Word and we live out God’s plan for us.”

“(I want us to) just grow in love for each other and grow spiritually together and as a family,” Quinton said. “(I want us to) continue to just build that trust and always keep that trust in one another and respect one another.”

He said he also wants to fulfill his duties as “a man and as a father.”

“I pray to God that everything is just happily ever after, like a fairytale,” he said.

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