Katrina Warren and Alvin Lewis II met through a mutual friend in December 2014, when Warren’s god brother was moving in for a short time.

Warren said her friend wanted to introduce her to Lewis, his friend that was helping him move in, but told her it was not necessarily a set-up.

“I just kind of blew it off, saying, ‘Nah. I’m not trying to meet anybody,’” Warren said. “So, I actually had on sweatpants and was all messy. I was really trying to extra (hard) to not be (cute). So, my doorbell rings. It was my god brother, who was moving in with me and is also Alvin’s friend. He walks in, and Alvin walks in behind him. It was like a light, you know? It was awesome.”

She said that when she shook his hand, she felt “fireworks everywhere.”

Lewis described his and Warren’s first meeting in much the same way.

“Fireworks were a part of the initial meeting,” Lewis said. “We ended up talking for hours, thus making me realize an instant connection unlike before.”

Warren said she wanted to ask for his number after that night, but felt that he should ask. So, he left, but came back the next night and the night after that.

“The next day, he came over again to see Adam (our mutual friend),” Warren said. “This particular time, I (thought), ‘I’m going to really just be cute.’ I was really cute, and I cooked dinner for him. He came over every night after that. He said he was coming over to see Adam, but he was spending all his time with me.”

They soon began dating, and have been together for over two years now.

Lewis proposed to Warren early in the morning on Sunday, Feb. 14, 2016. He said his planned proposal had to be changed because her family was close to “spilling the beans.”

“The proposal was very spontaneous,” Lewis said. “My planned proposal was aborted. Her mother told a few aunts, and they were on the verge of spilling the beans.”

Warren said her mother was acting strange when Lewis was planning on taking her to the beach the Saturday before he proposed.

“We had gone to (the beach) that Saturday before, and I know that my mom was telling me, ‘You’ve got to go get your hair done and you’ve got to go get something really cute to wear because he’s taking you to the beach,’” Warren said. “I was really suspicious because that’s not my mom.”

Lewis and Warren went to Destin, Fla., where he took her shopping and out to eat at her favorite restaurant, Joe’s Crab Shack.

“The whole day, I thought, ‘He’s going to propose. He’s got to propose. He’s going to propose,’” Warren said, laughing. “On the way home, he didn’t propose, so I kind of had a little attitude.”

After returning home and talking to her mother about her trip, she found Lewis in her kitchen.

“I was completely thrown off,” Warren said. “So, I get home, and I walk in the door. He’s on his knee in the kitchen, and I go, ‘Oh my God.’ He completely tricked me.”

Lewis said he knew that Warren was special from the first time they met.

“Katrina is a true God-fearing and praising woman,” Lewis said. “She is a beautiful person internally and externally.”

Warren said she loved Lewis’ “drive for life.”

“That’s really what attracted me to him,” Warren said. “He’s so ambitious, and he’s so motivated. He’s a go-getter. (I love) just his drive for life and the way he feels about his family and his passion to succeed so he can provide for his family. He’s a great provider, and he protects the people that he loves.

“To me, growing up with both my mom and my dad, I always wanted a man that I could feel comfortable with that would protect me like my father did as a child. I found that in Alvin. He’s a true protector, and that’s really what attracted him to me.”

Lewis said he was ready to marry Warren, calling it a fulfillment of God’s will.

“I am finally fulfilling God’s will,” Lewis said. “My prayers were answered being able to marry Katrina.”

Warren said she was ready to start her new life with him.

“It means everything to me, the world to me, that I found my best friend and my soul mate and my protector. It just means everything to me,” Warren said. “It’s like a dream come true.

“From day one, we just really hit it off, and we’ve been inseparable ever since.”

The couple was united in matrimony on Feb. 11, 2017 at The Lodge on Highway 84 in Daleville.

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