Lukas Perdue

New Brockton’s Lukas Perdue is donating his hair to Locks of Love. Pictured are, from left, New Brockton basketball coach Anthony Carter, Perdue, assistant coach Josh Moguel and assistant coach Eric Reynolds.

New Brockton High School’s Lukas Perdue is a star on the football field, basketball court and baseball field, but this week what he did off the playing field is what has made him a star.

Perdue has decided to donate his hair that he’s been growing out for some time, to the charity Locks of Love.

Locks of Love makes hairpieces for sick children who are suffering from illnesses, like autoimmune diseases or cancer that have lost their hair.

“I just grew my hair out and I honestly didn’t expect it to get this long,” Perdue said. “It got annoying sometimes, so I decided I wanted to cut it and my mom told me about Locks of Love.”

After hearing about the charity, Perdue’s thoughts went straight to two people.

“Our head football coach’s son, Caleb Jones, had cancer and I just thought about him and Bryce Caldwell.”

Caleb Jones, the son of New Brockton coach Justin Jones, beat cancer and has been the driving force for an annual charity that Justin Jones has helped head up to donate money to families affected by cancer.

Caldwell has been a staple and even a force of motivation around both the New Brockton and Enterprise baseball and football programs, but unfortunately he passed away earlier in December.

“I just thought about those kids and the families that have cancer,” Perdue said. “Most of us can just grow hair easily but something simple like that, they can’t with the situations they’re in. I just thought it would be something nice that I could do.”

New Brockton basketball coach Anthony Carter said that he was not surprised by Perdue’s decision.

“It’s Lukas,” Carter flatly said. “He’s a very unselfish young man. John Wooten said it best, ‘Be more concerned with your character than your reputation,’ and he’s doing something that it’s in his character.”

New Brockton basketball and football assistant coach Eric Reynolds agreed.

“It’s just tremendous to see the unselfishness in the kid, willing to give back something to the community,” Reynolds said. “Anytime you see someone step outside of themselves and do something special like that it means a lot to the team and to New Brockton.”

Carter said that Perdue’s character is an example of the type of community New Brockton is.

“A kid may not ever know that it’s Lukas Perdue’s hair but the bottom line is it doesn’t matter to him,” Carter said. “He’s doing something from the bottom of his heart and it says a lot about his parents and the way he was brought up. It also says a lot about what’s being taught at New Brockton High School.”

Perdue said he just simply likes to help others.

“It makes me smile,” Perdue said. “I like to help others. It just makes me smile, honestly.”

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