An Enterprise man has been charged with murder in connection with a Sunday morning shooting death of 31-year-old Spencer Hines Layton of Enterprise.

Landon Law, 27, is released on $150,000 bond after turning himself in to authorities, through his legal counsel, without incident in connection with the shooting death that occurred at a residence in the 200 block of Brookshire Drive in Enterprise.

At a press conference held Tuesday, June 15, Enterprise Police Chief Michael Moore, flanked by EPD officers Detective Will Ezell, Sgt. Mark Anderson and Capt. Lennis Darby announced Law’s arrested in connection with the shooting death that police initially called an attempted burglary that occurred at approximately 5:30 a.m.

“It was determined through investigation that the events that occurred in the early morning hours Sunday, June 13, did not meet the criteria as defined in the ‘Deadly physical force and use of self defense,” Moore said. “After consulting with Twelfth Judicial Circuit District Attorney Tom Anderson on the facts in this case, the use of deadly force in this situation was not warranted by law.

“Human life is sacred and should be held to the highest level of protection in our society,” Moore said. “Property can be replaced but life cannot.

“I cannot express enough to the citizens of Enterprise to educate yourself in the law and how it pertains to protection of human life,” Moore said. “The use of deadly force for self defense protects the individual from imminent threat of physical injury or death but deadly force should never be employed to protect mere property.”

Moore said that the two men did know each other prior to the incident. Layton was leaving the residence when the shooting occurred, he said.

The investigation is continuing and prosecution has just begun, Moore said.

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