Jy'shan Nelson (1) and the Gamecocks picked up their first back-to-back wins of the season last week. 

The New Brockton Gamecocks picked up their second and third wins of the season last week with wins over county rivals Zion Chapel and Kinston.

It was the first back-to-back wins of the year for the Gamecocks with New Brockton dominating Zion Chapel this time around 60-33.

New Brockton’s first two wins of this season came against Zion Chapel.

“I was pleased with the way we came out and played,” New Brockton coach Anthony Carter said. “It’s always the same whenever Kinston or Zion Chapel play New Brockton with that county rivalry it showed against Zion Chapel. It went really well.”

Carter said that his players always get amped up for a county rival.

“Because it’s a county rival and the kids know each other, I think they just play a lot better when it comes to things like county games,” Carter said. “I hope it’s a game changer for us and a motivator for us moving forward.”

Carter said that while he hopes the win was a turning point, he also acknowledged that his Gamecocks have played very well at times this season and then followed up great performances with let downs.

“You hate to say that a win like that gives you confidence because you just don’t know,” Carter said. “At times we’ve come out and played really, really well and then we come out and play flat the next game. I was just happy for us to get a win.”

Karl White scored 16 points and grabbed seven rebounds to lead the Gamecocks, while Caleb Hurley scored 13 points, pulled down 10 rebounds, blocked four shots and recorded a steal. Billy McKenna added 11 points.

New Brockton followed up the Zion Chapel win with a narrow 52-50 win over Kinston played at Enterprise State Community College.

The first time the two Coffee County schools played, Kinston won on a last-second layup, but this time the Gamecocks were able to hang on for the win.

“It’s always great to get a win,” Carter said. “We couldn’t complete the game the first time. This time they tried to come back on us again, but I was really proud of our kids for finally being able to close out a close game.”

The Gamecocks managed to knock down crucial free throws late in the game and kept their turnovers down to help secure the win.

“We were able to make those free throws this time and not turn the ball over late,” Carter said. “I was just really proud that they were able to close it out.”

Hurley scored 17 points and brought down 10 rebounds with three blocked shots, while Jy’shan Nelson scored 14 points and grabbed 11 rebounds with two assists.

The Kinston game was the second time this season the Gamecocks have played on ESCC’s court and Carter said it’s always a treat for the players to get a chance like that.

“It’s always exciting for them,” Carter said. “To play on that big court is great and they always get excited to go over there and play in that type of a college atmosphere. It’s really enjoyable for the kids.”

The girls, however, were unable to pick up their second win as the Lady Gamecocks fell 36-21 to Zion Chapel.

“I was pleased with the way the girls played but unfortunately Jaida Goshe fouled out with two minutes left and Paula Perdue was ejected,” Carter said. “Those two losses were crucial.”

Carter cited missed free throws as another obstacle the Lady Gamecocks couldn’t overcome, but was proud that despite losing two starters, New Brockton still hung tough.

“I was pleased for the most part,” Carter reemphasized. “To lose two starters and still stay competitive says a lot. I think it says we can stay competitive and give ourselves a shot come playoff time.”

Goshe and Dashia Nelson scored eight points each.

The Lady Gamecocks also fell to Kinston at ESCC by a score of 30-20.

“The girls played well,” Carter said. “We just couldn’t close it out. They went on a dry spell at one point there and couldn’t muster any points.

“We lost by 10 but we were still in the game. It’s just tough to win when you go four or five minutes without scoring a point. Hats off to Kinston’s defense.”

Makenna Gray and Dashia Nelson each scored eight points against Kinston.

Carter said that he believes his young Lady Gamecocks will eventually put things together.

“It’s not an excuse but they are a very young team,” Carter said. “We’re out there playing a varsity schedule with mostly eighth and ninth graders. We just have to keep fighting and playing hard and hope for the best.”

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