Dear Editor:

In response to Mr. Williams letter last week, yes, it is a wonderful time to be an American Mr. Williams. In 2020, major cities across the country had “mostly peaceful protests” while burning businesses to the ground with no regard for the destruction of the owner’s livelihood. The destruction continued down the line affecting many other people including their employees and suppliers.

The Progressive Left never condemned this but President Trump did. He offered to send in the National Guard but Democratic governors refused the help. Now we have a fence, or wall, around the Capitol with more National Guard troops there than there are troops in Afghanistan. Yet, we have no wall around our borders.

I feel so bad for you being embarrassed by Senators Shelby’s and Tuberville’s votes of “not guilty” in President Trump’s impeachment trial. Perhaps you can move to California or New York where you can feel proud of the politics. Maybe you can help California Gov. Gavin Newsome remain in office. You may not want to move to New York, being at the retired age, because going to the nursing home could mean death from COVID. Also, if you have grandchildren going with you they probably will be confined to virtual learning.

In reference to the Constitution, how can you convict a president that is no longer in office? That is synonymous to you being fired from your job as principal of Hillcrest Elementary while you are retired and playing golf!

Condemning white members of the House for voting “not guilty” on impeachment of the president is racist! Have you apologized for being white?

Barry Moore has been in office less than two months and you want to replace him because he supported Trump. Mr. Moore might consider this an endorsement. Check the records. Alabamians overwhelmingly supported Trump. Barry Moore is expressing the opinions of the majority of Alabamians. Many Alabamians and others across the country do feel that the election was “stolen.” Again, you have your opinion but that doesn’t make it correct. However, I respect the right for you to express your opinion as I hope you respect my right to express my opinion.

How dare you call Barry Moore’s weekly articles propaganda! I could say the same about your Letter to the Editor. I think it is called “freedom of the press.” If you don’t like the local papers, you might try the New York Times. It will probably suit you better.

I have disagreed with you many times but didn’t take the time to respond. I will agree to disagree with your opinions. I encourage the “silent majority” to express their opinions. If you respond to this letter, that’s fine. I’ve had my say and won’t be responding again.

Katheryn Price


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