Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey announced on May 10 that she had awarded nearly $17 million to help provide broadband services to primarily rural, unserved areas in Alabama.

Ivey awarded the money through 36 grants to multiple broadband internet providers throughout the state. It’s the largest amount and number awarded to date from the Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund, which was created by the Alabama Legislature in 2018.

“The COVID-19 pandemic reinforced what we already knew; that Alabama’s broadband coverage is an issue we must continue addressing,” Ivey said. “Yet, thanks to so many, we are making strides in helping to provide high-speed internet coverage throughout the state. That will make a vast difference for thousands in terms of education, economic development, healthcare services and everyday life.”

The Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund was created to assist broadband providers in extending services to households, business and communities in areas of the state without adequate services.

In southern Alabama five different providers received money from the funds. Covington Electric received $1.5 million to provide more than 200 miles of cable that will provide internet access for 788 households and three businesses in parts of northwest and southwest Covington County.

Troy Cable also received $370,389 to extend nearly 30 miles of line that will provide services to 289 residences and five businesses in Houston County in scattered areas around Cottonwood, Webb and Ardilla.

Additionally, Hurricane WiFi received a total of $117,559 with $69,426 provided to internet access to 346 households, two businesses and four communities in the Raburn community in Baldwin County. Also, $48,133 of that money will to supply internet services for 359 households, two business and 11 communities in the Perdido area of Baldwin and Escambia counties.

Comcast Cable received $133,463 to provide internet access for up to 240 households in a 13-mile area in south Mobile County.

Troy Cable also received $153,212 to provide internet access for 27 households and two businesses in Bullock and Montgomery Counties in areas near Cecil, Matthews and Fitzpatrick.

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