After Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey announced on March 26 that all public schools would remain closed it was also confirmed that the remainder of spring sports would also be cancelled.

So, that means all 2020 seniors have, unfortunately, played their final high school games.

“Like thousands of others, I am deeply saddened and disappointed that our schools have closed, and spring sports will not have an opportunity to finish their seasons,” AHSAA Executive Director Steve Savarese said in a statement. “Even more so, I am disheartened for all student-athletes, contest officials, their coaches, families, student bodies, fans, communities and especially our seniors.

“We are facing an unprecedented health crisis, but I am prayerful that the steps we are taking now within our schools and across our nation will enable all those affected to return to a sense of normalcy sooner than later.”

The AHSAA further clarified that all athletic events will be suspended until further notice, which includes any practices, team weightlifting or team conditioning. The AHSAA is referring to the school closures as a “dead-period” for all athletic activity and even small groups of conditioning or practices with coaches are prohibited.

Coaches are prohibited from working with student-athletes at all during this time and no school facilities – whether that be batting cages, weight rooms, film rooms, etc. – will be permitted to be used during this “dead-period.”

A number of student-athletes are currently working out and training on their own in small groups without coaches, and the AHSAA confirmed that it cannot govern whether or not student-athletes do so.

The AHSAA said it has created a Summer Competition Committee and Fall Sports Committee to come up with contingency plans for summer competition and camps in the coming weeks as well as the start date for fall sports.

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