Superintendent cautions against social media 'trend'

Daleville City Schools Superintendent Dr. Lisa Stamps

A social networking trend currently encouraging acts of vandalism at schools is the subject of a letter sent to parents by Daleville City Schools Superintendent Dr. Lisa Stamps.

In a Sept. 30 communication posted on the DCS Facebook page, Stamps asks parents to discuss with their students the “Deviant Licks” challenge issued via Tik Tok.

Tik Tok is a video-sharing social networking service owned by Chinese company ByteDance. It hosts a variety of user videos—such as dance, comedy and lip syncing—with durations usually ranging from 15 seconds to three minutes. The app allows users to create videos and share them across a world-wide community.

The trend reportedly originated on Sept. 1 this year, after a Tik Tok user posted a video showing a box of disposable face masks they claimed to have stolen from school, with the caption "A month into school... devious lick.”

The September “Deviant Licks” challenge encourages students to either damage school property or steal some items and then post the footage onto the video platform.

With last month’s challenge to vandalize specifically school bathrooms, a new challenge for the month of October is reportedly encouraging students to hit school staff members, according to news reports.

“I am writing to make you aware of some behaviors that have arisen stemming from a new social media challenge called “Deviant Licks,” Stamps wrote. “The motivation is to be destructive and post the footage online to gain ‘Tik Tok’ notoriety. We are seeing this disturbing trend across the nation as well as in school systems around our state.

“Actions of this nature will not be tolerated in Daleville City Schools,” Stamps said. “We ask that parents have a conversation with their child and reinforce the importance of not following along, participating in or glamorizing this type of behavior.”

Stamps asked parents to be aware that if students are caught participating in such “challenges,” they will be disciplined. “And there could be possible legal ramifications. We will not tolerate these actions and the complete disregard for student and staff safety and clean learning environment,” she stressed.

“Vandalism, stealing and acts of disorderly nature are all against the Daleville City Schools Code of Student Conduct and can also be illegal in many situations,” Stamps added. “The Daleville Board of Education will deal with any destructive or abusive behavior according to board policy and the Code of Conduct to the fullest extent possible.”

Stamps asked parents to discuss the issue with their students. “We are asking that you help us end this disturbing trend,” she said. “Help your student understand that a moment of fun in the spotlight will not be worth the serious and extended consequences that will follow.

“I realize your role in educating your child in these matters is vital to our success

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