U.S. Rep. Barry Moore talks with local law enforcement

U.S. Representative Barry Moore, second from right, talks with local law enforcement including, from left, Charles Ward, acting/interim police chief of Ozark; State Trooper Lt. Drew Brooks; Moore; and State Trooper Sgt. Tracey McCord.

U.S. Representative Barry Moore (AL-02) held a law enforcement roundtable on Friday, Sept. 3, at Enterprise Community College featuring over two dozen law enforcement officers from Coffee, Covington, Dale, Geneva and Houston Counties on Friday.

“Our law enforcement officers risk their lives every day to serve Alabama’s communities, and so it is important for me to talk with them directly to know how I can best advocate for them in Washington,” said Moore. “With calls to defund the police and strip their qualified immunity growing louder and the increasing vilification of law enforcement, it’s more critical than ever that our men and women in blue have someone fighting for them. I remain totally dedicated to supporting local law enforcement, and I sincerely appreciate all those who attended our panel for an open discussion about how we can keep AL-02 safe.”

During the meeting, Rep. Moore discussed pro-law enforcement legislation that he supports in Congress, as well as his efforts fighting to protect qualified immunity for law enforcement officers. Additionally, attending officials shared important updates on the current state of law enforcement in AL-02, including recruitment and retention efforts, the vilification of police, and resource shortcomings.

Rep. Moore is planning additional law enforcement roundtables throughout the district in the coming months.

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