Kaden Cupp

Joining Kaden Cupp at his school announcement to join the Troy Trojans football team are, from left, mom Amanda Watson, Cupp, dad Zack Cupp and step-mother Cheryl Cupp.

Kaden Cupp announced to his school, teammates and family on Thursday, May 6, he was officially accepting an offer to walk-on as a receiver on the Troy University football team this fall.

Cupp has been a starting quarterback at New Brockton High School for four years. He has a school record 6,573 yards and 73 touchdowns including 1,927 rushing yards and 25 rushing touchdowns as well as 4,646 passing yards and 48 passing touchdowns.

“It’s a great opportunity. I’ve dedicated my whole life to this and for it to finally happen, it’s so surreal and it’s very exciting,” Cupp said.

Cupp had offers from some smaller schools like Shorter University and Mississippi College.

“Growing up and going to football games at Troy and being able to go up there and watch a scrimmage and a few more practices, it just felt like home,” Cupp said. “Also going to camp there it just felt like I could play there, it was very comfortable there.”

Former New Brockton Gamecock Russell Weeks is on the Troy football team and was a teammate of Cupp’s. “It’s awesome we get to link up again. That will be great,” Cupp said.

The distance from home was another factor in Cupp choosing Troy. “Being 45 minutes from home so I’m not far from family but still far enough to have that college experience will be great.”

Cupp has played receiver and safety at times in his high school career so the position is not foreign to him. He’s also a multi-sport athlete having played varsity basketball, baseball and track and field.

“It will take some getting used to but I feel like I’m ready just because I can showcase my speed,” Cupp said. “I know I can catch the ball. It will be different but it will be fun at the same time.”

His goals are to first make the 110-man roster for fall camp and then make the 70-man roster to be on the travel squad. “I want to make a difference at Troy University.”

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