Dear Editor:

When I became a citizen of Enterprise in 1977, I had served more than 15 years outside of the continental United States as a member of the United States Army. Those travels provided a lot of insight to the rest of the world and taught my family the importance of being a productive member of the community.

Almost instantly, my wife and two sons and I decided that we wanted to make Enterprise our “home of record” as the military members refer to it, or simply “our home.”

The patriotic nature of the citizens and the school system more than proved this is where we wanted our children to be educated and become part of the American way of life.  Having two sons that became young men in Enterprise and played sports including Wildcat football, we had a chance to meet many Enterprise citizens that had lived their entire life in the Wiregrass and they shared lots of history, culture and showed us the good nature of the people of the Wiregrass.

My wife being a swim and water safety instructor, taught many of the local youth to swim and through the years they have reminded us of the importance of this small part of their life and we remain thankful for being part of the Enterprise community.  While serving as an aviator at Fort Rucker, my community involvement was mainly focused on sports. I did some officiating and I stayed active with the various military groups in the area. While times have changed since the late 70s when we arrived, the spirit of this town and its patriotism has always been apparent. I have often thought that not only is Enterprise the “City of Progress” but should find a way to add “patriotism” to the city motto.

I have had the pleasure to know and work with many of the previous men and women of the year for Enterprise and I am humbled to be now recognized in their company.  It is really a special honor to be chosen as the Pilot Club’s 2020 Man of the Year. I congratulate the other recipients and say a special thank you to the Wiregrass Chapter of Sons of the American Revolution for nominating me and the Pilot Club of Enterprise for my selection as 2020 Enterprise Man of the Year.

Bob Cooper

2020 Enterprise Man of the Year

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