Daleville City Schools re-masks for safety

Masks will be required on Daleville City School campuses effective immediately.

In a Jan. 7 letter to parents, DCS Superintendent Dr. Lisa Stamps said the mandate is being made as several positive COVID cases have gone above the board approved threshold.

“The board approved threshold” that Stamps is referring to is a unanimous decision made at the Daleville City Board of Education meeting Nov. 17, 2021. At that meeting, the board agreed that “due to the current status of COVID-19, wearing masks will be optional at school and at extracurricular events as long as COVID cases throughout the school district are below .5 percent positivity.”

The exception to that Nov. 17, 2021 decision was for those riding on city school buses. “Students and drivers are required to wear masks on school buses, per the Alabama Department of Public Health.

“If and or when positive cases rise above that threshold in the system, masks will become mandated inside the schools’ facilities,” the board decided at the time they made mask-wearing optional at school.

When the schools reopened after the Christmas holiday Jan. 3, Stamps asked that students and educators wear masks on campus pending an opportunity to assess the COVID status. “While there are quarantine suggestions for the general public, we are waiting on the Center for Disease Control to put out guidelines for K-12 schools,” Stamps told parents in a Jan. 3 letter. “Therefore, we will require everyone to wear masks this week and by Friday (Jan. 7) we will assess if we will need to continue the mask mandate.

“It is vital that our students be in school so they can learn and receive the best education we can provide,” Stamps told parents, adding a reminder that when masks are required in schools, they are also required for those attending indoor extracurricular activities, such as ball games—for those other than the athletes. “We ask that you sit as families at these events, if at all possible,” she added.

On Jan. 7, Stamps told parents several positive COVID cases have gone above the board approved threshold. “We also have some who are waiting on test results who may be positive, therefore we will continue to require masks in our schools until our numbers decline.

“The Omicron variant is highly transmittable so we believe wearing masks will reduce the number of students and staff who are exposed and get sick,” Stamps said, also encouraging parents to monitor the Center for Disease Control website regularly because the school system uses CDC guidance.

Stamps encouraged parents to reach out to the school system’s nurse at (334) 598-4466, Extension 4, if their child tests positive. “Because of increasing numbers of COVID cases in and out of school, monitor your children daily for symptoms and if they have any, keep them home and try to get them tested,” Stamps said.

“Thank you again for your cooperation as we care for students,” Stamps stressed. I appreciate your patience and support as we work together to keep our students safe.”

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