Taking the time to think positive thoughts about everyday life helps people feel more grateful. That is a life lesson that kindergarten classes at Windham Elementary School put into action as the season for giving thanks began.

Thanksgiving is the beginning of the holiday season and WES kindergartners in Amy Thrash, Laura Stratton and Kendra McGowan’s classes recently took a moment to talk about what they are grateful for.

Gratitude for families was Number One on most of the lists. Kane Williams said he is thankful for his mother. Zaid Torres said he is thankful for his mother and his father. Owen Clark is thankful for his entire family.

Zaryiah Howard said she is thankful for her family but also thankful for her toys. Jonathan David Whitehead is also grateful for his toys. “I am thankful for my toys that I can play with so I won’t be bored,” he said. Lynzi Kelly is also grateful for her toys, she said.

Ariel Jones is thankful for her cat named Pippers. Tyler Kuhlman is thankful for the two dogs his father bought. “One is white and one is black,” he explained.

Abdel Olavarria said he is thankful for his family. “And for Ms. Thrash,” he said.

Mia Reyes agreed. “I’m thankful for Ms. Thrash,” she said.

Aveia Morris is thankful for strawberry cake. As for holiday meals, turkey was a Number 1 choice. “You cook a turkey in a stove,” Lyric Ralls said. Zaryiah Howard said that she is not sure how to cook a turkey but her mother knows. “And I help her,” she said. “Very fast” is how William Cook said a turkey is cooked. “Because you win a prize if you do.” Kane Williams said he is not sure how to cook a turkey but he knows the first step in the process. “You have to kill it,” he said.

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