Daleville Water Board Its employee pay raises

Pay raises for city water department employees were approved at the Daleville Water Works Board meeting Nov. 16.

Daleville Mayor Jayme Stayton, who serves also as water board superintendent, asked the board to approve a $13 per hour pay rate for an entry level employee with the other employees receiving comparable increases. Current entry level pay is $9 per hour, Stayton said.

City Clerk Angelia Filmore, who serves also as water board recording secretary, said the board will be presented with a finalized pay matrix at the Dec. 21 meeting. The raises are set to begin in January 2022 but Water Board and City Council Member Jimmy Monk asked that the raise be effective in December of this year, if possible.

In other business, the board heard a report from Joe Harmon, a project engineer with David Hicks and Associates Consulting Engineers, about the city’s Community Development Block Grant project to replace water lines. “It ended up being under budget,” Harmon said. “There were some things we were worried about that we didn’t end up having to do so we saved some money.”

Harmon said that the project came in with some $38,000 remaining in the grant amount. “I don’t like to give back grant money so we tried to come up with some way to spend it,” he said, adding that the stipulation is that the money needs to be spent in the same project area.

“If you could pave Holman Street with the remaining money then that’s still in the project area and we’ll end up getting a street paved,” Harmon said, explaining that the paving project would cost between $45,000 to $50,000.

The funding agency gave Harmon the “go-ahead,” he said, but added that he wanted to let the city water board be aware that it would cost either the city or the water board the extra $10,000 to $12,000. “But getting an entire street paved for $10,000 to $12,000 is a pretty good deal,” he told the board.

Harmon said that he had discussed the matter with Stayton. “Holman is kind of like the worst street—most dug up with the most holes in it,” he said. “If that’s something you are interested in we can do that.”

Harmon also told the board that the mayor and the water works field superintendent had asked him to get a cost estimate to replace the 12-inch water lines that feed the water tanks coming from the water well to Old Newton Road and from the water well to the Alabama Power substation. There have been four line breaks in the last two months.

“And when it breaks it breaks all the way down to the pipe,” Harmon said, adding that researching the cost he learned that material prices have “gone through the roof.”

Harmon said that in March, the material cost for 12-inch lines was $18 a foot. In June it was $27.50. “The price I got last week was $32. One 12-inch project we did for Alabama Power last year, the low bid was for labor and materials was $28 a foot. You can’t even buy the pipe for that now.”

The next meeting of the Daleville Water Board is Dec. 21 at 5 p.m. in the council chambers at Daleville City Hall. The meeting is open to the public.

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