More opportunities for children in the Wiregrass will be available soon as Wiregrass United and Daleville Parks and Recreation have teamed with Daleville High School to offer an after-school program that will feature robotics, cyber security and STEM programs.

Daleville Parks and Recreation Director Tinia Cannon said that the programs will be available for not just Daleville children but for children all over the Wiregrass. These programs will cost just $10 to take part in and will be held after school in the Billy Adkins Community Center in Daleville beginning in January.

“Everybody doesn’t play sports,” Cannon said. “So we are geared towards the kids that don’t play sports, that will give them something to do besides sit in their home or just be out and about,” Cannon said. “So, now they’ve got robotics, they’ve got cybersecurity.”

Cannon said that while they want to give students that aren’t involved in athletics things they can also do but she said they want to attract all children all around the Wiregrass.

“We’re hoping to get the kids in sports and those that don’t play sports,” she said. “We’re not just concentrating on the City of Daleville either. We’re concentrating on all the kids in the Wiregrass. This isn’t just a Daleville thing, we’re focusing on all kids.”

Cannon said that the program is fully funded and said that she hopes the small price to take part will attract children from all over.

“We’re not focused on the money,” she emphasized. “It’s to get the kids involved and out of the house and give them something to do. When I grew up we were always at the rec center, we never stayed at home.”

Robotics will be a big focus for the rec center as they will host competitions – both in-person and virtually – at the rec center. Cannon said that the full program would begin in January. For more information on the programs coming to Daleville, contact Daleville Parks and Recreation at (334) 598-3111.

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