Dear Editor:

At last check, there were no Alabama co-sponsors on either H.R. 82 or S. 1302, the Social Security Fairness Act. This is the first-time efforts to repeal the unfairness of the Windfall Elimination Provisions and the Government Pension Offset, a reduction in your Social Security or your spousal annuity, has been in both the House and the Senate at the same time. This affects Civil Service employees hired during the late 70s.

Public servants across the country receive reduced Social Security benefits due to the current law. The repeal of these outdated laws affects more than 2.5 million Americans. This repeal is a small “fix” that affects 716,662 federal retirees, 83 percent of whom are women. A large majority, over 70 percent of spouses and survivors, see their Social Security benefits eliminated completely. The Civil Service Retiree’s Medicare cost comes out of pocket due to a reduced or no Social Security contribution.

We are asking our Senators and Representatives to look after the people who had careers in public service by working as Civil Service employees for our government.

This effort to repeal these laws has been endorsed by 15 national and 14 state and local organizations, including the American Federation of Teachers, Fraternal Order of Police, International Union of Police, National Sheriff’s Association, International Association of Fire Fighters, Public Retirees Alliance, Social Security Works, and United Postmaster & Managers of America.

Contact your Congressman and ask them to co-sponsor and support H.R. 82 today.


Debra Alums

Aloma Killingsworth

Retired Postmasters

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