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In a desperate attempt to rewrite history during a crime epidemic concentrated in Democrat-run cities, Democrats are claiming that Republicans want to defund the police. The American people know this is a brazen lie; it has always been Democrats that support defunding our men and women in blue.

The facts didn’t stop President Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki from spreading that falsehood during her daily briefings. However, when pressed, Psaki couldn’t name a single Republican that supports the radical idea.

Instead of echoing erroneous statements, Psaki should have done her homework. All it takes is a simple search to reveal numerous occasions where Democrats, especially progressive members of the “Squad,” have explicitly declared their support for defunding the police. Just last week, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib went a step further, claiming we should also defund CBP, ICE, and DHS.

In the midst of soaring crime and an immigration crisis at the southern border, the Left continues to undermine law enforcement and spout extreme policies that put American communities in danger.

During his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin last month, President Biden shared a list of critical infrastructure which he reportedly told Putin should be “off-limits” from Russian-backed cyberattacks.

Did Putin listen? Of course not – Biden is too weak to stand up to Russia.

Just days later, hundreds of American companies were struck by a group of Russian hackers. The Biden administration’s inability to hold Russia accountable for their previous cyberattacks was a leading cause of this attack – the largest ransomware attack in history.

This inexcusable situation reminds me of another time Biden was in the White House – but as vice president. Back in 2012, President Obama said the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime would not be tolerated, stating it would be “a red line for us.” Yet when Assad killed more than 1,500 people in a chemical attack, no action was taken.

There is no doubt our foreign adversaries are watching how Biden responds to Putin at this moment. We must respond strongly and swiftly, before others take advantage of his weakness.

As Americans’ concerns about Critical Race Theory (CRT) grow, its supporters are digging in. Just recently, the largest teacher’s union in the country voted to promote CRT. This latest development undermines the left-wing talking point that CRT is only taught to college students, not children.

Unfortunately, Critical Race Theory isn’t just in education.

The second-largest defense contractor in the United States, Raytheon, launched a CRT program last year for their white employees. According to leaked documents, the company asked employees to confront their “privilege,” check their biases, and sign a “corporate diversity” pledge.

From classrooms to corporations, the circulation of Critical Race Theory should trouble every American. The racist teachings of CRT will create modern-day tribalism – dangerously dividing our nation. We must fight back against the spread of CRT before it’s too late.

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