The Coffee County Board of Education held a work session and meeting on May 27 to discuss a number of topics.

At the work session, the board discussed the need to extend school counselor’s contracts because with all of their responsibilities – and added responsibilities – they aren’t able to complete their work in the current timeframe.

Elementary school counselors were on nine 1/2 month contracts and high school counselors were on 10 month contracts. When they run out of time on their contracts, they then have to come in on their own time and be paid a daily rate outside of the contract.

“It’s impossible to take care of these (responsibilities) without giving up your time,” Coffee County Counseling Coordinator Tami Crosby said. “Their responsibilities are not getting fewer, they are getting more and more extensive. The time we have scheduled for them is just not enough time.”

At the board meeting the board approved the extension of elementary counselors contracts to 10-month contracts and the high school counselors to 10 1/2-month contracts.

At the work session the board also discussed a $4,000 per year additional supplement for the school system’s lead nurse, who has also seen her responsibilities increase amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The board unanimously approved the supplement during the meeting.

In other business at the meeting, the board received an “unmodified” audit, which means everything was good, in its yearly audit report.

Also, the board approved an amendment to the school system’s annual budget to reflect additional funding from ESSER I (CARES Act).

The school board also approved a bid from Old South Roofing in the amount of $424,603 for the roofing projects county wide, which will include a new roof at the Central Office, New Brockton High School and Zion Chapel School.

The next regularly scheduled meeting is set to take place June 3 at 5:30 p.m. at the central office in Elba, but Board President Brian McLeod said there would likely be a work session called before then.

The board also approved the following personnel decisions.


Shiloh Lyles, teacher, New Brockton High School;

Bethany Tracy, speech language pathologist, Coffee County Schools;

John Carr, bus driver, Coffee County Schools;

Sonya Daniels, bus driver, Coffee County Schools;

Scotty McDurmont, bus driver, Coffee County Schools;

Probationary Employment:

Lyntresa Locke, bookkeeper, New Brockton High School;

Tammy Rakes, bus driver, Coffee County Schools;


Robert Speed, teacher, new Brockton High School;

Kayla Purvis, teacher, Zion Chapel School;

Layne Weaver, teacher, Kinston School; and

Katie Rachel, teacher, New Brockton Elementary School.

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