Worth Fighting For

Cast and crew on the set of the movie “Worth Fighting For” prepare to shoot a scene at the Rawls Warehouse in downtown Enterprise July 18.

If you notice a boxing ring in the abandoned cotton gin behind the old Rawls Warehouse, don’t worry — Enterprise is not starting a fight club.

Local production company Ebed Pictures is currently filming a few scenes from the upcoming film “Worth Fighting For.” 

Ebed, which is Hebrew for “servant,” is a Christian-based production company founded by Joshua Sheik.

Originally from Minnesota, Sheik was stationed on Fort Rucker during flight school and during captain’s training.

“I ended up here because I’ve been here longer than any other place since I left home,” Sheik said. “It’s pretty much become my home now.”

Sheik’s first film, “Christian’s Carol” has already received good reviews and awards from Christian film festivals.

“Worth Fighting For” focuses on main character Alex, played by Alan Powell, as he struggles to leave the life of underground fighting.

“Alex is ex-military and a bare-knuckle boxer for the mob, who got into the wrong situation trying to get some cash,” Sheik said. “He falls in love with the perfect girl, and she shows him the world that he’s gotten into. Now he’s ready to get out, but the mob’s not so ready to let him out.”

Sheik said during the film Alex discovers what is worth fighting for in this life.

All of the fight scenes are being filmed in the cotton gin and several Wiregrass residents are being used as extras in the crowd during the scenes.

“It’s been a couple of days of hard work, but it’s really looking good,” Sheik said. “We’ve been able to get some great shots so far.”

“Worth Fighting For” is planned for release sometime in the late spring of 2014.

For more information, visit www.ebedPictures.com or facebook.com/EbedPictures.

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