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The year 2018 will go down in history for New Brockton High School as the first year of the school’s new track and field program.

New Brockton’s first track coach William Harrelson was key in starting the program.

“New Brockton has had athletes with exceptional speed that has translated to wins in football and baseball over the past five years,” Harrelson said. “I wanted to give those athletes an opportunity to showcase their God given talents outside of other sports.”

Harrelson is a former speed trainer at Georgia’s Lee County High School and wanted to bring some of that experience to New Brockton.

“I have always been involved with making kids faster,” Harrelson said. “I was involved in the speed training program at Lee County that led to us being very successful on the football field and on the track, as well.”

New Brockton’s track team is made up of a number of football, basketball and baseball players. Only one member of the team, Reaven Borden, had track experience coming into the season, though. Reaven Borden was a track star at her high school in Arizona before her family moved to New Brockton.

“The benefit for athletes of other sports is that they can stay competitive and get faster and build relationships with coaches and athletes from other schools,” Harrelson said of the attraction to track from athletes of other sports.

The New Brockton track and field team jumped into the deep end in their first meet at the Troy Invitational on March 8 against schools from all over the state, ranging from Class 2A all the way to Class 7A.

“Our goal is to compete and have fun,” Harrelson said. “At the first meet every kid was smiling and felt like they were able to compete with 6A and 7A programs around the state.”

In the first track meet in school history, the Gamecocks had a number of runners finish in the top five of various events during the day.

“The first meet went as expected and actually a little better,” Harrelson said. “The kids had fun and are excited to improve and I’m very proud of each of them. I hope they have an opportunity to compete in sectionals and state later in the year.”

Dalton Adkison, a football and baseball star for the Gamecocks, finished in second place in the boys 200 meter dash with a time of 23.40 and finished in seventh place in the boys 100 meter dash with a time of 11.82.

Cameron Davis, another Gamecock football star, finished No. 15 in the boys 200 meter dash with a time of 25.33 and Gamecock linebacker Jake Holloway showed off his shot put skills by placing at No. 15 in the boys shot put.

New Brockton football and basketball player Jy’shan Nelson finished at No. 20 in the boys 200 meter dash with a time of 25.68.

Reaven Borden took home two top five finishes with a No. 2 finish in the girls shot put and a No. 3 finish in the girls discus throw.

Dashia Nelson finished at No. 20 in the girls 400 meter dash.

Billy McKenna finished at No. 19 in the boys 400 meter dash with a time of 59.75.

In the boys 110 meter hurdle, Colter Borden picked up a fourth place finish with a time of 19.60.

In the boys 100 meter team relay, the Gamecocks finished in eighth place with a time of 47.19.

New Brockton followed up the first meet with another solid outing on March 15 in the Troy Invitational despite a number of team members out with illnesses and conflicting responsibilities.

Borden had another stellar performance, finishing in second place in the girls discus throw with a throw of 81-7 (81-feet-7-inches) and in fourth place in the girls shot put with a throw of 29-8.

Davis placed No. 15 in the boys 200 meter dash with a time of 25.12 and No. 23 in the 100 meter dash with a time of 12.29.

Ryder Tetereaut finished No. 25 in the boys 400 meter dash with a time of 1:01.18 and Colter Borden placed No. 7 in the boys 110 meter hurdle with a time of 19.69.

In the boys shot put, Holloway finished at No. 13 with a throw of 34-0, while Michael Holder finished No. 21 with a throw of 31-0 and Tate Thomas finished No. 29 with a throw of 28-2.

“I felt like the kids were more comfortable and confident in the process and I think we will get better each week,” Harrelson said of the team’s second performance. “Overall, there seemed to be far less runners and the meet was very smooth and much quicker. The weather played a big part, being more than 60 degrees apposed to it being in the 40s like it has been.”

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