Joey Powell and Jeffery Wood

Coffee County farmer Joey Powell, left, recently directed a $2,500 donation from the America’s Farmers Grow Communities program to Battens Fire Chief Jeffery Wood and the Battens Volunteer Fire Department.

Coffee County farmer Joey Powell recently directed a $2,500 Bayer Fund America’s Farmers Grow Communities donation to the Battens Volunteer Fire Department.

Battens VFD will use the funds to purchase structural firefighting gear, said Battens VFD Chief Jeffery Wood. “We would like to thank Mr. Powell for his generous donation to our department.

“This will help us provide protective gear to our firefighters as we serve our community during emergencies,” he added.

Dedicated to making a difference in rural farming communities, the Grow Communities program asks farmers across the country to participate by nominating nonprofit organizations with resources to strengthen their local communities.

In August 2020 farmers entered for the chance to direct a $2,500 Grow Communities donation to a local eligible nonprofit of their choice.

Farmers have directed donations to food banks, emergency response organizations, schools and youth agriculture programs among others that reflect the spirit and support the vibrancy of rural America.

‘The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone including those in rural regions and farmers play a critical role in helping communities overcome challenges like the ones we are currently facing,” said Bayer Fund President Al Mitchell. “Bayer Fund is proud to work side-by-side with farmers to identify local eligible nonprofit organizations that are able to provide their residents with solutions that leave a lasting impact.”

Bayer Fund is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the communities where Bayer customers and employees live and work by providing funding for food and nutrition, education and community development projects.

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