Enterprise resident Chantae McMillan made her debut on NBC’s Titan Games on May 25 to win the title of “Titan” of the Central Region.

Titan Games is a competition – hosted by The Rock – that pits athletes against one another in grueling obstacle courses.

“It was great,” McMillan said of Titan Games. “I went there specifically knowing it would challenge me in a different way athletically and it did.”

After picking up a win in her first competition, McMillan followed by defeating world champion undefeated professional boxer Claressa Shields.

McMillan is no stranger to big time competitions as a former national champion and Olympian. McMillan, a Missouri native, was an All-American in the long jump and won state championships in 2005 and 2004. She also won runner-up in 2003 and 2006 and finished third in nationals in 2005.

In college, McMillan was a four-time Big XII Champion at the University of Nebraska competing in the heptathlon. The heptathlon is a track and field competition featuring 100-meter hurdles, the high jump, shot put, 200-meter run, long jump, javelin throw and 800-meter run.

McMillan went on to become the most accomplished heptathlete in Nebraska history. McMillan finished in fourth place in the 2010 NCAA Heptathlon Championship and runner-up in 2011.

After placing third at the 2011 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships, McMillan became an Olympian in 2012 in track and field. At the 2012 Olympics, McMillan finished 28th overall.

McMillan said that her track and field and heptathlon experience helped her during Titan Games.

“I was able to go into the competition schedule, which was competing like 2-3 times a day, and I was able to just think back and use my heptathlon mentality,” she said. “It was that type of mentality to get back into the mindset of recover and get ready to compete again.

“That’s how I approached it but it was like a marathon heptathlon. Every day you have to compete 2-3 times a day.”

McMillan – whose parents were both in the military – is married to Warrant Officer 1 Devon Langhorst, who is currently stationed at Fort Rucker training to be a helicopter pilot. McMillan said she’s enjoyed her time in Enterprise and gets to train on base at Fort Rucker.

“I like it,” McMillan said. “(Fort Rucker) isn’t a huge installation so everything is right there with the track for me and they have a nice gym with everything I need. I wish there were a few more healthy food options in Enterprise but we make do.”

McMillan returned to defend her Titan crown on June 1 but fell to fitness athlete Dani Speegle during the brutal “Mt. Olympus” obstacle course. McMillan will have one more opportunity to make it to the Titan Games Championship as she. Her last chance takes place June 9 at 7 p.m. on NBC in the finals of the Central Region.

She will also continue training to meet her ultimate goal of returning to the Olympics where she is concentrating on only competing in the javelin toss. She was getting set to compete at Olympic trials when the 2020 Summer Olympics got pushed back to 2021.

“I feel like this extra year is a blessing in disguise for myself with me switching from heptathlon to just the javelin,” McMillan said. “I’m learning more and more every day and this just gives me more time to learn and keep growing in one event. It’s awesome.”

McMillan also said she wouldn’t mind returning to Titan Games in the future, as well.

“If it’s the right circumstances I would definitely do it again, yes,” McMillan said.

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