The Enterprise City Schools Board of Education met on May 19 and unanimously approved the selection process for the hiring of a new superintendent.

Board President Rodrick Caldwell said the board was selecting between three options. The first option was for the board to select one board member to go through the 13 candidate resumes and pick the finalists. The second option was to hold an open forum to discuss the candidate resumes in a public setting like a board meeting. The third and final option was for individual board members to meet at a designated location with board attorney Merrill Shirley to have each board member rank each candidate. Shirley will then go through the rankings and make a finalist list of the most consistent ranked candidates.

“We want this to be open and clear to the public,” Caldwell said. “We want these candidates to be the best of the best. We have no agenda but to do our best at choosing the right person for the job.”

Board member Robert Doerer made a motion to use the third option. Doerer said that his concern over the public forum was that it would eliminate possible candidates.

“All of them are a viable course of action,” Doerer said. “I’m basing things on my experience with the previous process (of selecting a superintendent). There were candidates previously that said, ‘Hey, I’m putting my name in but would like to remain anonymous unless selected as a finalist.

“What we’d be doing with that course of action we would automatically eliminate some candidates that potentially could have been a finalist and potentially could have been the new superintendent for the school system. They may have been a viable and great candidate for that. That’s why I’m worried about that course of action.”

Sherrill confirmed that there is at least one candidate that has asked to remain anonymous unless selected as a finalist for the job.

New board member Dr. Joan Newman agreed with Doerer’s thought process and explained why she felt the first option – having one board member go over the candidates alone – wouldn’t be the best option.

“I think we would all feel more comfortable with (the third option),” Newman said. “Because any individual that would take on that responsibility (of doing it alone) would certainly be in a very difficult position.

“That is not to diminish or criticize anyone’s individual capability but a shared responsibility – and that is what a board has agreed to do – I think we would all feel much better about the decision considering there has been five sets of eyes as opposed to just one.”

The board unanimously approved the third option, which takes place May 20, and the finalists are scheduled to be announced at noon on May 21 via a livestream on the school’s website. Interviews are scheduled to take place with the finalists next week and a new superintendent will be named on June 8.

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