A large crowd of Enterprise residents, of all races, showed up on Wednesday, June 3, to hold a peaceful protest against racism and the killing of black Americans by police officers.

Protesters held up signs and chanted things like “black lives matter,” “no justice, no peace” and “George Floyd,” the latter chant being the name of the Minneapolis man who was killed by four police officers weeks ago, while handcuffed and lying on the ground. Organizers also passed out water and facemasks to protestors who wanted them.

Alonza Sibert, the Enterprise woman originally responsible for coming up with the idea to hold protests, said that she came up with the idea after hearing numerous acquaintances talk about traveling to other, bigger cities for marches and protests.

“I was on the way to Dothan with one of my friends and I kept hearing people say ‘Let’s go here, lets go there,’ and my thing is (change) starts where you’re from and where you live at,” Sibert said. “That’s where it starts from. If you want change you have to see change here first. They say this is the City of Progress, well it starts right here with us.”

Sibert said that each person had their own reasons for protesting but to her it was all about her children and standing up to corrupt police officers.

“I’m out here standing up for my children,” she said. “I’m raising my kids here in Enterprise, this is where they were born. I don’t see color. Some people think this is just about race but to me it’s all about corrupt cops.

“It’s not about us being divided. We have to stand together in this with one voice. Everyone has a different reason for being out here but I’m standing in the gap for my children and against corrupt cops.”

Enterprise Stand Up’s Cedric Gibson – who spent the afternoon with a megaphone encouraging protestors and even encouraging passers by – had a similar reason for protesting.

“I’m out here to fight for a very important cause,” Gibson said. “I’ve sat back too long watching brothers and sisters – men and women – being killed.

“It’s not just about black lives, it’s about all lives, but right now the task at hand is black lives because we’re the ones being targeted in the streets. Once we can heal that we can move on to other important things. There’s more issues out there, there is a lot of things that need healing in the world. We need peace and love in our world.”

Gibson, who is a U.S. Army veteran, emphasized that saying “black lives matter” did not mean that all others lives don’t.

“When we say ‘black lives matter’ I want to make it clear we aren’t saying that just black lives matter,” Gibson said. “All lives do matter. I was in the infantry in the Army. I don’t care about what color you are, I put my life on the line for everyone.

“We want people to know that black lives matter, though, and make things better in our community and the black community is hurting right now.”

Gibson said he was thrilled at the turnout at the protest and the peaceful nature that was upheld.

“It’s beautiful,” Gibson said. “I give all the credit to God because that’s who is allowing us to be out here. He gives us the strength, our peace and our love.

“I love Him with all my heart and so do all of these people out here or they wouldn’t be out here.”

Sibert said that the turnout meant a lot to her, as well.

“I just cannot believe this,” Sibert said as she looked out at the protestors. “I’m so happy. Words cannot describe how I feel.”

A “Rally for Peace” will be held in Enterprise from 2 until 5 p.m. with a march from City Hall to the Coffee County Courthouse on Sunday, June 7.

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It's great that we as Americans live in a country where we are free to protest. Certainly what happened to George Floyd is nothing short of a crime act by MN police officers. However, to imply in any way that this type of police behaviour goes on in every police department throughout the country is just wrong. I have lived in Enterprise my entire 51 years. I've never seen or heard of such corruption or such a criminal act by any Enterprise Police Officer and I wouldn't expect it to start now. If protesters are going to scream and rant about bad cops then they need not protest against any officer of the Enterprise Police Dept. There are peaceful demonstrations and walks yearly in Enterprise and they are supported by EPD with their presence. I would certainly hope that protesters keep this in mind when protesting against what some feel are bad cops. You are protesting over a wrongful killing of someone by an out of state police officer. Lets remember that when protesting against the men and women in blue. When we as citizens call 911 for help, who is there without hesitation to answer your call when you say, "I NEED THE POLICE."


Apparently you don't keep up with whats going on here. About 2 yrs ago I called EPD to have an ambulance come assist my son who is a disabled veteran that suffers from PTSD. No ambulance came but 8 EPD came and put me and my child in hand cuffs instead of giving him the medical attention that he needed. Not only were we handcuffed but thrown on the ground and my house and tased in handcuff. I live in an up skilled neighborhood and there was no reason for them to tase me and my son with handcuffs on knowing both of us have medical problems. Then the police came to court and testaLIED that I assaulted 4 of 8. However no assault charge was ever filed . Plus 4 of them had on body cams which had been comprised by time sent to my attorney's. So I don't know what EPD you're talking about but it sure NOT Enterprise Alabama. This is the country my son and my husband has fought for and this is the thanks we get? Please justify your stand point on the issue. The Captain of police lied which was in my home and 3 other police swore under oath that they did not do anything unconstitutional. Protest every day.

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