Members of the Daleville Senior Center enjoyed games of bingo, food and door prizes at the Ninth Annual Sweetheart Bingo event hosted by the Fort Rucker Community Spouses’ Club at Hillcrest Baptist Church in Enterprise on Feb. 4.

 “It feels great to serve the community and connect with these seniors who become our family while we’re stationed here,” said FRCSC President Kristen Proffitt. “We love it.”

Over 350 seniors attended this year’s event where they competed in bingo for big prizes, hoped to be called for door prizes and received a free breakfast and cookies.

The hundreds of door prizes included gift cards, make up, jewelry, scarfs, umbrellas and various other items and were all donated by the businesses and people in the community.  Even the big prizes such as a TV and Lazy Boy recliner were donated. Proffitt said the club appreciates the community’s support every year.

“We couldn’t do it if the community wasn’t able and willing to support us in that way and then we get to give it to all of these senior citizens,” Proffitt said.

Proffitt said that getting the feeling of knowing that the seniors enjoyed their time is its own reward and spoke about what is her personal favorite part of the event each year.

“Getting to know the individuals when you serve the individuals at the tables and getting to chat about where you’re from or what’s your story,” Proffitt said. “Many of them served, themselves, in the military so we have that connection. That’s my favorite part, getting to know the attendees.”

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