James R. Cambron

James R. Cambron announces his candidacy for the office of Mayor of Level Plains. He is running because he feels that the ideas and experiences he has can make the town better for all citizens. In his time in the Wiregrass area, he has been honored to have known people who became great friends and he learned from them.

Mayor Gene Hughes of Daleville was one of the first friends he had here. Hughes was a good friend and a great mayor. Another is Bryant Mixon, former Dale County Sheriff. From him he learned how honest law enforcement should be applied. He taught me that Law Enforcement officers should be held to a higher moral standard. He, along with Butch Jones taught him a lot about undercover work, in which he excelled, because of their leadership and techniques.

He did a lot of local cases with these men and they introduced him to state and federal agents he worked alongside. With the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, they did a machine guns sales case, then a bomb manufacturing case involving Fort Rucker. They moved on to cases involving U.S. Customs and the FBI. They did one case on piracy where a county commissioner and his brother were convicted.

He was also involved in an international terrorist case here locally that involved ABI, Enterprise Police Department, Dale and Houston County Sheriff’s offices, the Dothan Police Department, and even the CIA.

In Etowah County in the early and mid 90s, he worked with members of the Examiners of Public Accounts and the State Attorney General’s Office where they convicted a probate judge in Crenshaw County. Close to $300,000 was recovered for the county and sentences up to 10 years for those involved.

Cambron still has contacts at the state capitol and believes working with them will improve the town. He has recently been endorsed by former Chief Justice Roy S. Moore, a man he has known a long time and has a great deal of respect.

Cambron asks for your vote to give him the opportunity to improve public services and make the town a better, safer place for you and your children and grandchildren. If elected, he will serve you and pledges to work for the betterment of the citizens.

Your advice and opinions are needed. Please contact him at (334) 400-6443.

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