Dr. Katheryne Horace

Daleville City Council Member Dr. Katheryne Horace announces her candidacy for re-election in the Aug. 25, city election.

In an-nouncing her candidacy, Horace said she is both honored and dedicated to serve all the citizens of Daleville”.

Horace indicates that she has the knowledge and experience that it takes to make an effective council member.

As a member of the city council, she has added to her understanding of local government and networked with other communities by attending conferences and other activities offered by the Alabama League of Municipalities. She has currently completed the Advanced Certifiied Municipal Official training requirements.

Horace expresses that overall serving as a council member has been both a fulfilling and humbling experience.

In addition to serving as mayor pro-tempore, she is the vice chairman of the Planning Commission, which prepares and adopts a comprehensive plan for the city. This plan was prepared with input from multiple stakeholders, including city staff, boards, businesses and the general public.

Her vision for the city includes her goals with this plan. Some of her key goals include:

• Continuing to serve with Integrity;

• Continuing to explore economic development and progressive opportunities for the city;

• Reviewing/revising the Comprehensive Plan;

• Working to continue to improve Infrastructure; and,

• Improving community facilities and public services.

Horace is retired educator who was previously employed by the Daleville City Schools. She believes that the school system plays an important role in both the success of the children and growth of the community.

She wants to use her experience as a council member to work together with the other council members, and the citizens of Daleville, to make the best decisions for the community, families and children.

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