Charlie Wigglesworth

Charlie Wigglesworth announces his candidacy for the office of Mayor of Daleville.

Wigglesworth believes that Daleville is in a unique position to grow and far exceed the other communities and cities in the area who are increasing in size and prospering.

He is running be-cause he sees challenges facing the Daleville community, many of which have been spoken about openly in the past few years. This has prompted him to step up and say, “I can help with this problem.” He is not running against anyone, but running to lead the people of Daleville.

Wigglesworth believes the Lord has given him the gifts of leadership and organization that has made him successful during his career. He stands ready to get the job done. He truly believes God expects us to be servant leaders and to him, that means serving his fellow man and his community.

As the Mayor of Daleville, he is committed to serve the citizens of Daleville with the utmost integrity. He will provide leadership through service. He believes that engaging with citizens to move the city forward is critical.

We have so many talented citizens in the city. We need to be “All In” to move the city to the next level. We need new faces with new ideas on our boards. The city’s comprehensive plan, that the citizens helped put together, is excellent and it is time for it to be reviewed and updated. This only happens when the citizens of Daleville are “All In” in moving the city forward.

Money is needed to improve city services and buildings. He believes in being fiscally conservative with the citizens’ resources and that budgets should never be projected to be more than 90 percent of the income that comes into the city.

In 1986 he was stationed at Fort Rucker and “fell in love with Daleville.” It was a small city, the people were friendly and it had a great school system. He enjoyed being involved in a city with close connections to Fort Rucker.

He still lives in the house he purchased in 1986. He believes in Daleville and it shows as it has also became home for his sister, mother-in-law and brother-in-law’s family. He retired in Daleville and that’s why he is committed to working with the citizens to make it the best community it can be.

He has served his nation. Allow him to serve you, the citizens of Daleville, as your next mayor.

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