More than 100 fans filled up the VFW in Daleville on Saturday, July 13, for the debut event for Hybrid Pro Wrestling called “A New Journey Begins."

It was the first pro wrestling event to be held in Daleville in more than six years, and an excited, rowdy crowd greeted the new promotion.

“Things went really well,” Hybrid Pro owner Tim Cook said after the event. “The crowd was into it and I was really glad that we had more than 100 people here tonight. This is just the beginning, though. I hope we can make it even bigger.”

It was truly a family affair for Cook as his entire family got involved in the show with his father serving as head referee, his mother and wife handling the ticket sales, his cousins and uncles handling security and his son handling the music for the event.

“It felt really good,” Cook said of the support he’s had from his family. “Everyone really pitched in and also the support we’ve had from the community and the local media and all the fans coming out and showing support has been great.”

Hybrid Pro opened up the event – in its sleek, all black ring – with new commissioner “Scream” coming down to the ring. Scream is a longtime former pro wrestler and pastor in the area. He announced that Hybrid Pro’s next event in Daleville would be held on Aug. 3 and the first ever Hybrid Pro Heavyweight Champion would be crowned at the event.

The title will be decided in a special match that will start out in a Battle Royal with eliminations coming via being thrown over the top rope. When the Battle Royal is down to just three wrestlers left, those three will then face off in a Triple Threat Match with the title on the line.

Scream also said that Hybrid Pro would begin each event with a prayer and the National Anthem, as well.

Following the National Anthem, “The Skywalker” Chase Evans faced Hybrid Pro National Champion Cameron Thomas in the show’s opening contest. The two wrestler’s speed and athleticism wowed the crowd in Daleville with a number of high impact and highflying moves.

At one point, Evans attempted to dive out of the ring onto Thomas on the floor but flew right into Thomas’ elbow instead. Thomas then suplexed Evans onto the hard side of the all black ring’s apron. Finally, after a back-and-forth match that had the crowd’s attention from the beginning, Thomas lifted Evans onto his shoulders to end the match, but instead Evans escaped and rolled Thomas up to earn the pinfall in a non-title match.

In the next contest, Ryan Phenix faced off against local favorite Cali Man, but while Cali may have started out the match as a fan favorite, he was heavily booed by the end.

Cali Man spent the match taunted fans and eventually he was able to earn the win with a Superkick to the face as the crowd voiced their displeasure.

Hybrid Pro Commissioner Scream came back down to the ring and called out female wrestler Mackenzie York – who is also the wife of Dale County native and fellow wrestler Justin Overstreet – and informed her that her scheduled opponent for the night no-showed the event. York has been absent from the ring for more than three years and this was supposed to be her big return and she told Scream that she would face anyone.

That challenge brought out longtime Wiregrass manager Dandy Jack and his masked villain Street Bandit. Dandy Jack told York that women did not belong in a wrestling ring and that, “women should be in the kitchen cooking and cleaning and changing diapers.” Bandit went on to insult York more and said that he should be the Hybrid Pro Heavyweight Champion without having to go through a Battle Royal, but before he could say anything else York slapped him in the face and the match was on.

York used her speed advantage to gain control at times in the match but Bandit’s strength was too much for her, along with Dandy Jack’s cheating ways behind the referee’s back.

Eventually, Street Bandit went to the top rope but he took too much time and York managed to knock him off and then roll him up for the shocking win.

Street Bandit and Dandy Jack argued that York had pulled Bandit’s tights on the pin but their complaining fell on deaf ears.

“It went well,” York said of her return. “It’s been three years since I’ve been out there, so it went a lot better than I anticipated.

“I was worried that no one would remember but I had people coming up to me and telling me that they remember me from before and the crowd seemed to really be into it. I couldn’t have asked for a better return.”

York said that she enjoys intergender – man vs. women wrestling – matches, which at times have been a source of controversy.

“As long as you know what you’re doing and have the right mindset you’ll be fine,” York said. “I think the crowd enjoyed it and that’s all that really matters. I feel like I’ll be a lot more sore than usual tomorrow but I had fun.”

When approached for comment, Street Bandit screamed and walked away.

In the next match, the tandem of the high-flying Stunt Marshall and heavy-hitter Bubba Rage known as H8 Club faced off against The Unspoken in tag team action. The Unspoken is made of the face-painted Fatality and the massive “Delicious” Don Yoder.

After a long, back-and-forth and exciting match, Marshall was able to distract the referee just as Yoder went up to the top rope. Rage then low blowed his opponent and Power Bombed for the win.

In the Main Event of the evening, the massive Michael Steel faced off against local favorite “Mr. Roll Tide” Michael Enfinger.

Enfinger got the crowd behind him with chants of “Roll Tide” throughout the match for the Alabama super fan, but Steel’s power was simply too much for him. Steel would ultimately end the match by lifting Enfinger up onto his shoulders and spinning him down to the mat with a “TKO” for the pinfall win.

Hybrid Pro returns to Daleville on Aug. 3 at the VFW with the doors opening at 6 p.m. and bell time starting at 7 p.m.

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