Water main replacement continues

The first phase of the city’s water main replacement project is about 30 percent complete but 70 percent of the contract time has elapsed.

“Steadily moving forward,” is the way Enterprise Water Works Board Field Superintendent Alan Mahan described the progress at the Enterprise Water Works Board meeting July 10.

Enterprise Consulting Engineer Glenn Morgan said that the contractor had been granted a request for a three-week delay in starting the project but had been told from the beginning that the end date remained 200 calendar days from the official start date

Both Mahan and Morgan agreed that despite being behind schedule, the quality of the contractor’s work is excellent. “We have somebody on the job every day documenting what is done,” Morgan said.

“(The contractor) started about three weeks late at their request early on due to their schedule,” Morgan told the water board. “The work is still going very well as far as what they’re doing-—and we may not have set up enough contract time to begin with, too.

“They just have one crew on the project. We discussed the possibility of a second crew, but right now this contractor doesn’t have a second crew in-house that they can put on the project,” Morgan said. “They would have to go get someone from a separate contractor. I’m not sure they could even find one and if they do, there’s a high chance they would not do the work quality that we’re getting from this crew.

“They are working five days a week,” Morgan said. “Other than weather (delays), they have been working continuously.

“The city has a resurfacing project that will follow the water main project and I’ve just kind of got it on hold right now because you don’t need to start it too soon—definitely not before the water main project’s over,” Morgan said. “That would be a slight delay on the resurfacing.

“Alan (Mahan) and I had a conversation with them the other day about editing at least a little bit on their work schedule to get the streets that are involved in the resurfacing project done first,” Morgan said. “That’s something that they said they’d be willing to do so they’re going try to get finished with the streets in the resurfacing project first.”

Water board member Eugene Goolsby, who also serves as an Enterprise City Councilman, asked if the delay in finishing Phase 1 of the project would also delay the beginning of Phase II.

“The plans and the specs are close enough to being ready that we could advertise it,” Morgan said. “I think we can go ahead and file the (Alabama Department of Environmental Management) and (Department of Transportation) permits in the next week or two to get that process started.”

Phase II of the project could be advertised as early as the first week of August which would put the beginning of construction towards the end of September, Morgan said.

“It will take 60 days to go through the bid process and the contractor time, which will put it closer to where Phase I will be getting close to the wrapping up stage,” Morgan said.

The Enterprise Water Works Board meets at noon monthly at city hall in the mayor’s conference room. The meeting is open to the public. Those interested in being notified of the meetings can contact Beverly Sweeney at bsweeney@enterpriseal.gov.

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