The Enterprise Lady Cats volleyball team hosted its annual Mini Cats Camp last week with more than 70 campers taking part.

New Enterprise coach Jennifer Graham said that she was thrilled with the turnout for her first year at the helm.

“We had almost 80 players signed up, which is double from the previous year, so that’s been really great,” Graham said. “We’ve had a really great turnout. All of our counselors and players are working it, too. So, we have a lot of help and a lot of one-on-one instruction. We’re having fun and we’re loving volleyball.”

Graham said that along with sanitizing regularly the Mini Cats are rotating between five different courts to keep the groups smaller. Mini Cats got a chance to learn from EHS coaches and players on everything from serving, hitting, setting and passing.

“They’re getting a little bit of everything,” Graham said. “We’re rotating every 40 minutes and our counselors are doing a wonderful job.”

Graham said that this year the camp was opened up to junior high players since they haven’t had much time to workout with their teams this summer, as well.

EHS senior Jaden Williams said that it’s been a joy to work with the younger campers.

“Oh my gosh, I love it,” Williams happily said. “They’re so cute and they actually want to come up here and it’s nice being around little kids that love to play and learn.”

Graham said it’s not only important to get young girls excited about volleyball but it’s also helpful for her players to work with them.

“I told our players that this is your future,” Graham said. “Some of them are going to be playing with these eighth graders next year. Some of our players also have siblings here, too.

“So, to keep building this and making the program and the sport better is big. Volleyball is getting bigger in our area and I think this is something that the kids look forward to every year and it can only benefit us and them and our area as a whole.”

Williams agreed that getting kids excited only betters the program as a whole.

“As a kid I didn’t start to love volleyball until like the seventh grade,” Williams remembered. “To have kids, in say kindergarten, start to love volleyball, that’s good because the more years you have in it the better you are. It betters our program and it’s better for them.”

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