“The library is awesome,” J.C. Titan, owner of Titan Magic, told children during his June 26, space-themed performance at the Daleville Public Library.

His performance was one of several planned for the Summer Reading Program at the DPL. The theme of this year's program is "A Universe of Stories.”

Children have already been entertained by the Daleville High School Jazz Band and ventriloquist Gene Cordova. They also learned about creatures that can be found in the stars thanks to Animal Tales.

They will have the opportunity to learn from Doc Atoms and attend a party to celebrate a summer of reading and fun.

During his performance, Titan spoke about reading, magic and space.

“To be an astronaut, you must have the ability to read, you’ve got to be very smart and… they want people with imaginations to be astronauts,” he said. “You know why? Because there are things that have never been explored before, and if you don’t have imaginations, you don’t know what to imagine to look for.”

He challenged event-goers’ imaginations, interacted with children, performed space-themed magic tricks that defied gravity and more.

Titan also spoke to the children about the importance of reading and libraries, encouraging them to visit the library.

“If you go to the library, you can check out all of these books that tell you about space, how big the planets are, what color they are,” he said. “There’s millions of things out there. There’s a universe of stories.”

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