EHS Complex

Site work has begun on the future EHS baseball and softball complex.

Years of work and planning is finally beginning to take shape as site prep work on Enterprise High School’s new baseball and softball complex began last week.

While weather has delayed some of the work and EHS is still waiting on the final approval for the complex’s structures from the state, Enterprise City Schools Superintendent Greg Faught said the hope is that the complex is still completed on time for spring sports. Faught said the expected finish date is some time in the winter but obviously weather and other complications could delay things.

McDonald Construction was awarded the bid for site work for $807,843, which will include paving parking lots around the complex.

The plan for the complex is to feature one baseball field, one softball field, an indoor hitting facility, concession stands, bathrooms, dugout/locker rooms and a press box. Once final plans for the structures are completed bids will go out for their construction, which Faught said he hopes will happen this month.

The baseball and softball complex will be another key step in bringing all EHS athletics on-campus.

“I think it will kind of round out our athletic facilities,” Faught said. “To be able to add the tennis courts and the track facility was huge, and now to be able to add a baseball and softball complex will be a feather in the cap for the high school and make it much better on our athletes and coaches, as well.”

Swimming and golf will now be the only EHS athletics without on-campus facilities. Faught said that EHS isn’t done with athletic amenities, however, and said that the school will look to continue to improve on-site facilities. He also said that discussion will be had in the future about the possibility for an indoor practice facility that would be able to benefit all sports, including football.

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