The National Junior College Athletic Association announced on July 14 that it was officially pushing back the start of fall and winter sports.

The NJCAA made the announcement after receiving recommendations from the NJCAA Presidential Advisory Council and NJAAA Board of Regents.

“Our greatest focus is and always has been providing the best opportunities for our student-athletes,” NJCAA President D. Christopher Parker said in a statement. “Through a unified effort from our Presidential Advisory Council, the Board of Regents and leadership staff, our most recent plan of action provides a path that keeps our student-athletes competing at the highest level with proper safety measures in place.

“As we move forward as an association, we will continue to provide opportunities for our student-athletes, coaches and all of those involved with NJCAA to be safe and successful.”

This new plan will push all “close-contact” fall sports – which includes football, men’s soccer, women’s soccer and volleyball – to the spring semester. NJCAA cross country, tennis and half marathon will remain playing in the fall.

All NJCAA winter sports will also move its start to January and this includes men’s basketball, women’s basketball, wrestling and swimming. Bowling and indoor track will be pushed back to the beginning of March.

Typically Enterprise State Community College begins its basketball season in November of every year but will now be forced to start in January at the earliest. Also, NJCAA winter sports will see championship seasons pushed back from March to April.

Spring sports will start on time but will see adjustments in dates to accommodate for the other sports that will be going on in spring, as well.

Men’s and women’s basketball will be allowed to have 60 days of practices and scrimmages between Sept. 15 and Dec. 15 with up to five scrimmage dates allowed against outside opponents. Official practices for the season can begin Jan. 11, 2021 and games will begin Jan. 22 with all region and conference championship tournaments taking place by April 10, 2021.

Junior college football, soccer and volleyball will be permitted to have 60 days of practices and scrimmages beginning Aug. 15 and continuing through Nov. 15. Scrimmage games against outside opponents will also be allowed a maximum of three times during that span. Official practices will be permitted to begin March 1, 2021 and competition will begin March 25, 2021 for football, while soccer will be allowed to begin playing April 2, 2021. Volleyball can begin official practices on Jan. 11, 2021 and begin play on Jan. 29, 2021.

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