Virginia Howard, Carol Boylston and Stan Smith

RWCC President Virginia Howard, left, and 1st Vice-President Carol Boylston, right, present Alabama Aviation College Director Stan Smith with letters of congratulations to the two scholarship winners.

The Republican Women of Coffee County recently awarded two $500 scholarships to Alabama Aviation College students Ashley Renfro and Danielle Wilson. The scholarships are to be used to pay for student certification fees.

At a 2019 RWCC meeting, Alabama Aviation College Recruiter Jenna Strickland spoke about the courses the college offers and how their graduates go on to get great paying jobs. She said Pell grants and student loans are available, but they do not cover the certification testing fees, which can run as much as $1,000.

Because some of their students do not have the money for the tests, RWCC decided that it might be able to help. They worked with Dr. Chip Quisenberry at Enterprise State Community College and Alabama Aviation College Director Stan Smith and came up with a plan to establish two $500 certification scholarships. The winners are based on merit and academic potential. There are many scholarship opportunities for those who want to attend college, but not everyone wants, can afford, or is ready to go to college. There are so many students who enjoy working with their hands, and technical schools offer them an excellent alternative to a four-year college.

In fact, some tech school graduates go on to make much more money than college graduates. Depending on their field of study, some go right to work making $30 an hour or more. However, before they can become employed in their field of study, they must pass their certification tests.

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