COVID precautions for fair outlined at council meeting

When the Third Annual Family Fun Fest opens at Culpepper Park in Daleville July 15, coronavirus precautions will be enforced throughout the 10-day event.

A written list of the safety procedures was discussed at the Daleville City Council meeting July 7.

The Safer Midways Procedure includes stipulations that each person who enters the fair will go through a temperature checkpoint. Any person with a temperature above 100.1 will not be permitted to the fair.

Each of the fair employees and volunteers will be temperature checked daily and if any of them have a temperature above 100.1 they will be quarantined for 10 days.

Each ride is sanitized after each ride, according to the procedures given to the city by the manager of the fair. There is a minimum of 30 feet of midway and at least 30 feet between each ride.

Each food wagon is required to be wiped down “all high-touch locations” after each visitor and drinks will be available only in sealed bottles. Condiment packets will be used as opposed to self-serve bottles and all concessionaires will be required to wear a face mask while interacting with the public.

According to the Safer Midway Procedures, additional hand-wash stations will be placed throughout the midway and multiple written reminders about social distancing will be placed throughout the fair grounds.

Councilwoman Katheryn Horace said that she had reviewed some of the COVID-19 safety precautions and recommendations that the Center for Disease Control has issued for outside recreation activities. “I would like to emphasize that having an event outdoors is much safer than having one inside,” she said. “One thing that they did suggest is that we have a COVID-19 Contact Person so that the fair workers and the people who attend who might have questions in reference to COVID-19 could have answers.”

Councilman Bobby Hardrick said he had received communications from constituents expressing concern about safety procedures at the fair but said he would share the guidelines the council discussed as reassurance that safety procedures are being implemented.

Councilwoman Jo Reese said that because the city had signed a three-year contract with the fair manager, she reached out to Daleville City Attorney Henry Steagall about the ramifications of cancelling this year’s fair. Reese said she had two concerns, the first of which was whether the city would be in breach of contract because there is no exit clause except in the event of illegal operations. “And as long as the governor doesn’t institute another stay-at-home order, there is noting illegal about having a fair,” she said, adding that she did not want to subject the city to financial and legal liabilities by cancelling the event.

Her second concern, Reese said, is about the health and safety of the participants. “But attendance at the fair is voluntary and the guidelines being enforced will make it as safe as we can for those who choose to attend.”

In other business, Hardrick told the council that he had toured the new Daleville Boys and Girls Club which is expected to open for business Aug. 24. “I’m amazed with what they have done down there,” he said. “I just want to congratulate (BGC project initiator) Joel Adams and (Daleville City Schools Superintendent) Dr. Lisa Stamps for what they have done. There was a problem of not having an after school program and somebody came in with a solution.”

Horace echoed Hardrick’s praise for the the efforts of those involved in making the Boys and Girls Club a reality and said that she and Hardrick had appreciated the opportunity to ride on the Daleville Boys and Girls Club float in the Fort Rucker Fourth of July festivities.

The next meeting of the Daleville City Council is a work session Monday, July 20, at 5 p.m. A voting meeting of the council is Tuesday, July 21, at 5:30 p.m. Both meetings are in the Daleville City Hall Council Chambers. Both meetings are open to the public.

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