The map explains the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up traffic flow patterns on the Enterprise High School campus.

The map explains the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up traffic flow patterns on the Enterprise High School campus. The road in front of the high school will be one way only. The primary parent drop off/pickup area is in the front of the Academic Building.  Please use the bypass entrance from Boll Weevil Circle when entering and exiting.  There will be a set of red lines in this area that will create a lane for vehicles to exit.  Please do not park in this lane, as it will block exiting traffic.  The secondary parent drop-off/pick-up area is in front of the Performing Arts Center.  When using this area, enter and exit from the Main Street entrance.  When exiting the campus you should exit the same way that you entered. There should be no parking or drop-off/pick-up along curbs, other than the designated areas or in turn lanes on the EHS campus.  The road in between Wildcat Stadium and the school building will be blocked off for parking and thru traffic.

The administration and staff of Enterprise High School are committed to ensuring the safest possible learning environment for students. In an effort to do so, all guidelines established in the Enterprise City Schools Plan for Returning to Schools will be followed.

In accordance with the ECS Plan for Returning to School face coverings must be worn at all times upon entering the school building by staff, students and school visitors over the age of six (6). In addition to the ECS Plan for Returning to School, the following information is specific to Enterprise High School and may not be applicable to other schools in the Enterprise City Schools system. 

Open House

Unfortunately, due to circumstances surrounding he current state, open house will not be held in person for the 2020-2021 school year. The following steps will be taken to provide a similar scenario for parents:

• Teachers will create a short video introduction to their school website no later than Aug. 10. 

• In addition to a short video, parents are encouraged to join each of their child’s teacher’s Remind account. There will be a minimum of one message per week sent out for the 2020-2021 school year. 


Students may enter the building between the times of 7-7:40 a.m. Students that drive to school are encouraged to remain in their vehicles until the 7:40 bell rings. 

Students will be allowed to transition to their classroom at 7:40 a.m. when the first bell rings. Students will have 10 minutes to report to their first block class. 

Students that will attend ECTC for first block are encouraged to be dropped off at or report directly to ECTC no earlier than 7:35 a.m. Transportation will be provided for students that can not be dropped off or drive. Buses transporting students to ECTC will depart from the bus loop at 7:50 a.m.

Breakfast will be served at EHS each morning. Seating capacity will not exceed 50 percent of the total occupancy of the cafeteria. Students that are not eating breakfast will not be able to sit in the cafeteria. Students eating breakfast will be encouraged to remain in the cafeteria until they are done eating breakfast. 

Students that choose not to eat breakfast will be able to occupy the following areas:

• Small gym, Wildcat Hall, Activities Hall, first floor of the academic building, Media Center, and Courtyard. Students will be encouraged to maintain social distancing guidelines in all these areas. 

Students that do not arrive to first block by 7:50 a.m. will be counted as tardy. 

Instructional Day

Students will be afforded the time and opportunity to sanitize their learning area at the start of each class period with materials provided by EHS. In addition to this, custodians will also thoroughly sanitize classrooms when the teacher occupying them has a planning block and at other times throughout the school day. This will include both their desk/table area and technological devices being used that day. 

Classrooms will be arranged in a manner that promotes social distancing, when feasible. All classrooms will have and maintain seating charts for each learning block. These will be updated as often as necessary. 

Students will transition from class to class; however, they will be encouraged to move directly to their next class and not congregate in the hallways. Teachers will be located throughout the hallways and asked to help with these transitions. 

All teachers will be required to create and maintain an online learning platform for their classrooms. This will be accomplished using Google Classroom (in some small cases Schoology). 

Teachers will be required to have a minimum of one assignment completed via these platforms per week during in-person learning. If remote learning is implemented for the entire school, that requirement will be a minimum of two assignments per week. 

 All teachers will be required to create a Remind account for each of their classes. Students and parents will be given the join code. Teachers will be required to send a minimum of one contact message/update per week. 


Lunch will be eaten in classrooms, if the classrooms have adequate space. Choir, band, gym and athletic classes will be provided a location to eat lunch. Please check back regularly for more updated information. 


Students will be dismissed as normal. Students will be able to get a grab and go meal from the cafeteria as a part of the after school feeding program. They will not be allowed to eat in the lunchroom and will be asked to dispose of their trash in a receptacle. 

Students will not be allowed to congregate in large groups throughout the school building, and will be asked to maintain social distancing guidelines, when feasible. Students will not be allowed to wait in the lobby if they are being picked up. 


Parents are encouraged and should screen their children for fever before leaving home. If your child has a fever, do not send them to school. If students are exhibiting symptoms (COVID-19) outlined by the CDC/ADPH, do not send them to school. Please contact/consult with your local physician. 

Faculty, staff, and students will be encouraged to practice regular hand washing throughout the school day and will periodically monitor student restrooms to ensure social distancing guidelines are met. If students use the restroom during class, they must have a hall pass.  Students will not be allowed to congregate in the bathrooms. 

Faculty, staff, students, and visitors may be subjected to touchless temperature screenings. These screenings may occur depending on available personnel. 

EHS will have sanitizing stations placed throughout the building. Students are encouraged to utilize the hand sanitizing stations responsibly throughout the school day. Students are encouraged to bring their own personal hand sanitizer in their book bags for personal use during the school day. 

Teachers will be provided cleaning supplies to use for sanitizing the learning areas and materials. EHS custodial staff will also provide additional sanitizing measures throughout the school day. 

Due to our understanding of virus transmission, water fountains will be shut off and students will be encouraged to bring their own water bottles. There will be some water bottle dispenser stations open throughout the school on each floor of the academic building.  

Office Procedures

Visitors of any kind will be required to have a scheduled appointment before entering the school building. Upon arriving for a scheduled appointment, visitors will not be permitted beyond the main lobby unless they receive administrative approval/escort. 

Parents are encouraged to call (334) 347-2640 to have a student checked out. Students will be called from class and must check-out at the front office before leaving school. Parents do not need to enter the building to check-out a student.  

Students arriving at school after 7:50 a.m., must check-in with the main office. They will receive an admit slip before being released to class. 

Visitors of any kind will not be allowed to the nurses’ office without a pre-scheduled appointment. 

Remote Learning

Students choosing the remote learning option will be serviced through the ACCESS learning platform. Students will be enrolled in their core classes to match their school schedule if available. ACCESS does not have the ability to offer all the advanced options that EHS does. 

These are real courses taught with a distance learning instructor. They do require the same amount of work as a traditional class setting. 

If a student decides to return at the end of a nine week grading period, their grade from ACCESS will transfer, and they will be placed in the corresponding CORE class at EHS when possible. In other words, if a student starts the year online taking a regular English class, they will transfer into a regular English class upon return to EHS.  There is a possibility due to class sizes that students may be required to continue in the ACCESS platform on the EHS campus.  

Students will be allowed to choose the electives offered through ACCESS to fill the remainder of their semester schedule. Those choosing to do remote learning will be emailed a Google Form to choose their top four choices. These are real courses taught with a distance learning instructor. They do require the same amount of work as a traditional class setting. Due to the nature of the ACCESS platform, all EHS traditional setting electives may not be available. 

If a student decides to return at the end of a nine week grading period, they will remain in their selected electives through ACCESS for the remainder of the grading period. 

If a student opts to return to school after the first nine weeks, their current grade will be transferred or the student will be allowed to continue in the ACCESS platform at EHS. Whatever their average is it will be transferred, regardless of whether it is passing or failing. 

 If a student fails a course on ACCESS, including those that were in ACCESS the first nine weeks and then a regular class the second nine weeks, they will lose an elective option the following semester and the course they failed will be added to their schedule in place of an elective if space is available.  There is a chance the student would need to repeat the failed class in summer school.

Those submitting the ECS Digital Learning Intent Form after the deadline of July 21, can not be guaranteed their request to do remote learning will be met. We will try our best to accommodate all student requests; however, submission after the deadline does not guarantee access to the remote learning opportunity. 

For more information regarding remote learning, please see the Enterprise High School Remote Learning Information 2020-2021. 

Chromebooks will be available for a rental fee. A signed usage agreement must be submitted and an insurance fee paid.

The information provided in this plan will be updated as more information becomes available. 

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