LP approves PD requests

The Level Plains City Council approved two requests from Level Plains Chief Keith Gray at its regularly scheduled meeting on Jan. 21.

The first request was for an additional $990 to buy a Ford Explorer Interceptor for the police department. At the Jan. 7, the council approved up to $14,000 for the chief to purchase a new vehicle.

Mayor Bruce Grantham said that this would serve as the chief’s vehicle.

The request was unanimously approved.

The council then approved the chief and mayor’s travel request to pick up the car.

Second, Gray asked for permission to purchase new decals for all four of the department’s patrol vehicles at $510.75 per vehicle.

Gray described the decals as “subdued” but assured that the decals will reflect at night when lights shine on them.

Gray also informed the council that he had signed the department up for the 1033 program, which means the department can receive and use some federal surplus assets. Gray cited helicopters, vehicles, weapons and tactical gear as some of the possible items.

“It’s very minimal to be involved and a lot of the things that are given to us we can keep for one year and then they become ours,” Gray said. “There’s just a wealth of things that can keep our costs down by using federal surplus items.”

Grantham said it costs the city $400 yearly to be a part of the program.

In other business, the council approved accepting the $5,965 insurance claim for the Level Plains Water Department’s tractor which was destroyed in a fire.

The council also approved allowing realty companies to have the water connection fee be applied to the first bill of the following month if the company provides a letter of request.

A new Flood Prevention Ordinance, Ordinance 360, was introduced at the meeting as well. Grantham said the new ordinance is an update of the city’s previous policy with changes recommended by the state.

Grantham also provided an updated on the purchase of the land adjacent to the city’s park on Z Street. He said that the land survey had been completed and that the city was preparing to close on the land.

The next Level Plains City Council meeting will be Feb. 18 at 6 p.m. at Level Plains City Hall. The meeting is open to the public.

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