Coffee County Sheriff's Office

After rumors of an outbreak of COVID-19 cases inside the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office, the Coffee County EMA and Sheriff’s Office released a joint statement on the matter.

The statement confirms that a number of employees have been tested for the virus.

“Several Coffee County Sheriff’s Office employees have been tested for COVID-19,” the statement reads. “We have not received all of the tests back at this time, but to protect the health information of our employees, we cannot comment on individual cases.

“It should be known that the Sheriff’s office remains fully operational and is ready to serve the public in any manner necessary. We have not and do not see a need to initiate any mutual aid agreements to back fill any of these positions. All deputies and other employees have had in their possession personal protective equipment (PPE) including masks, gloves and goggles. They have also modified their procedures to ensure protection of themselves and the public.”

Coffee County Sheriff Dave Sutton confirmed that there had been employees in the office that have tested positive but could not confirm the amount. He also said that they were taking every precaution inside the office to sanitize and keep employee’s healthy.

“We’re doing everything we possibly can to keep everybody healthy out here and that’s all we can say about that,” Sutton said. “We’re doing everything possible.”

Sutton said that the sheriff’s office remains open only for the renewal and purchase of pistol licenses and the jail itself continues to be on lockdown for any visitors. Sutton also said that inmates are screened for temperature – with an infrared thermometer – and symptoms before being booked and see a nurse immediately after, as well.

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