Dear Editor:

In Enterprise, one recent mid-afternoon, I reluctantly had to visit three stores to find a particular item. In all of the stores, a significant majority of patrons were not wearing face masks. In only one store were staff all wearing face masks, according, I believe, to policy.

Walmart, the largest of the stores, displayed a banner at the entrance that said wearing a face mask is “recommended.” My observation was that about 80 percent of the customers were not heeding the recommendation.

If I choose to enter a store during these pandemic days wearing a mask, should I not hope that my fellow human beings do the same right thing? (I have learned over the years never to expect my fellow humans to be responsible or, as they say, do the right thing. As a member of this self-same human race, I am no better than others, but I do wear a face mask.)

Ignorance about the benefits of mask wearing cannot be the case in this TV-watching age. Sadly, I must account this behavior as selfish disregard for my health and that of others.

I am hoping (can one live without it?) that this, yes, pleading diatribe, will influence some of your readers to care more about the men, women, and children within the Alabama areas where they reside. For me, the Enterprise experience has left me somewhat dubious.

From a Wall Street Journal article that addresses the controversy about wearing face masks:

Lawrence Spellens


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