The budget for fiscal year 2021 and the five-year capital plan were the primary points of discussion at the Sept. 14 Enterprise Board of Education’s meeting.

Both the budget and capital plan were passed unanimously at the meeting.

The estimated beginning balance for FY 2021 – which begins in October – is $20,294,995 and the school will receive $42,642,636 in state funds, $850,000 in federal funds and $11,984,246 in local funds in revenue for FY 2021.

ECS also received $829,160 from the CARES Act that is to be used for healthcare supplies, sanitization supplies, remediation and intervention services, special education services, social and emotional support, instructional supplies, technology for virtual learning and remote learning teacher salaries and benefits. The school also received $235,121 from the CRF (CRF) Technology Fund – a part of the Coronavirus Relief Fund – that was used for the purchase of electronic devices that students can check out to use for distance learning. That money also goes to software and maintenance for the devices.

ECS also received $524,584 from the CRF that must be used for nurse salaries, cleaning supplies, testing and temporary facility improvements and other health-related expenditures.

ECS has also applied for Government Emergency Education Relief Funds and that money will go towards equipping school buses with Wi-Fi, academic support and tutoring.

The school board also approved the school’s five-year capital plan with the number one item being the completion of the baseball and softball complex at Enterprise High School. That project is budgeted at $4.1 million.

Also, the capital plan includes roofing improvements at Rucker Boulevard Elementary, Pinedale Elementary, Dauphin Junior High and new shingles on the roof at the central office. The roofing projects at Rucker Boulevard and Pinedale are budgeted for $1 million, while the project at DJHS is budgeted at $500,000 and the central office’s project is budgeted at $75,000.

A new multipurpose storm shelter – budgeted at $2 million – at the Enterprise Career and Technology Center is planned for 2022.

Further renovations, additions, new HVAC systems and electric work is also planned for 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025. Those projects combined are budgeted for $4.05 million.

Enterprise superintendent Greg Faught said that among those renovations could be the inclusion of a synthetic turf at Wildcat Stadium, which will be considered in the next few years.

“That’s not my first choice, honestly. I love the (natural) grass,” Faught said. “But with the amount of play that field gets and will get, just this school year, it makes it really, really difficult to upkeep. It’s very expensive. That grass really takes a beating throughout the year.”

The turf at Wildcat Stadium is used for varsity football, junior varsity football, freshmen football and select Dauphin Junior High and Coppinville Junior High football games throughout the fall, along with boys’ and girls’ soccer in the spring. Faught has also mentioned in the past wanting to add an indoor practice facility at EHS but that is not currently budgeted in the capital plan.

Additionally, the school board approved the upcoming salary schedule, approved a consent agreement with the Alabama Trust for Boards of Education and Big Universe for the elementary reading program and approved the personnel actions listed below.


Keith Curry, custodian, Enterprise High School;

Lauren Galimore, secretary, Enterprise City Schools;


Rhonda Barr, clerical aide, Pinedale Elementary School;

Stephanie Lukens, social science teacher, Enterprise High School;

Kyle Stiffler, contract wrestling coach, Enterprise High School;

Nikki Council, custodian, Holly Hill Elementary;

William Hulsey, P.E. aide, Rucker Blvd. Elementary;

Susan Wagner, school nurse, Enterprise City Schools;


Eula Mayo, custodian, Hillcrest Elementary;

Melinda Mils, CNP worker, Enterprise City Schools;

Jana Jones, custodian, Pinedale Elementary School;

Melissa Johnson, Spanish teacher, Enterprise High School;


Heather Aho, teacher, Rucker Blvd. Elementary School;

Rebecca Morris, math teacher, Enterprise High School;

Kristal Nieves, ESL aide, Enterprise City Schools;

Sandra Sanchez Calderon, ESL aide, Enterprise City Schools;

Jennifer Kiel, custodian, Enterprise Early Education Center;

Willie Bryant, maintenance technician, Enterprise City Schools;

Jeffery Thompson, custodian, Enterprise High School;

Tracey Parten, special education teacher, Hillcrest Elementary School;

Thomas Walker, custodian, Enterprise High School;

Kristina Mazariegos, ESL aide, Enterprise City Schools;

Audrey Payne, part-time teacher, Enterprise City Schools;

William Hulsey, social science teacher, Enterprise High School;

Adele Pridgen, nurse, Enterprise City Schools; and

Jennifer Henry, lead nurse, Enterprise City Schools.

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